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Please submit your xmog pictures to ratemyxmog@yahoo.com if you'd like to add them to the site.

  • Also, please let me know your in-game name, race, and class in the e-mail. Makes it a hell of a lot easier on me, especially since I'm getting so many submissions.
  • It would also help me out a lot if you let me know of a caption that you would like posted with it. It's becoming tedious thinking of them sometimes....
  • I'd give mine an awesome/10.
    sick tage bro
    Meet my main, rate my xmog. Do it. I dare you.
    Dnasis (Renegade Forme) will end up on this list, although I'm sure Dnasis (Frost Forme) still looks better.

    As for my mage, well, let's not talk about him since mage LFR tier shoulders NEVER DROP
    Submit? That's too much work.
    I support Pebbles.
    01/30/2013 02:46 PMPosted by Pébbles
    Reviewers are mean.
    Submissions being sent directly to the Tumblr are not showing up at the moment for some reason. Please submit to ratemyxmog@yahoo.com until the issue is addressed. Thanks in advance.
    I was expecting better.
    01/30/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Kitchenwife
    I was expecting better.

    Please go to http://ratemyxmog.tumblr.com/ for xmog comments/ratings. Thanks.
    I am enjoying this.
    :D! People likey de shado pan cow!
    Updated the site with an actual rating code. You can now rate the pictures on a 1-5 scale.

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