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Rating system is down right now. Will be fixed soon.
Rating system is now fully functional again. Sorry for the wait.

Doesn't seem to be working as intended. Anyone good with html please contact me.
That is not the caption I gave you.
sent :D awesome idea ^_^
I know it wasn't, Dnasis.

I got the rating system working now 100%. Thanks for the submissions.
Dnasis #1
01/30/2013 09:22 PMPosted by Aleous
Needs more submissions.

01/30/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Aleous
Too lazy to turn my PC on again
Is this real life?
I probably did it wrong
01/30/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Crazysyco
I probably did it wrong


Please submit your xmog pictures to ratemyxmog@yahoo.com if you'd like to add them to the site.
2nd time is the charm?
01/30/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Novababy
Is this real life?

submit your transmog, woman
Submitted my Warriors, Paladin, and Rogue, still working on my Mage and Monks Mog. :(
01/30/2013 10:11 PMPosted by Fréon
Is this real life?

submit your transmog, woman

I do what I want.
Kevin #1.
Swaggyswag reporting for duty.

ha, duty.

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