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Thanks for posting me even though submitted the wrong place. If the RNG gods are kind I will have another tmog set next tuesday. The RNG gods are never kind though. ; _ ;
Put up a few new submissions today.
I wish I had my warriors set together to post :( Stupid requiring heroic bethilac and baleroc drops. But I sent in my huntar and this one even though I'm building a new set for my priest because I'm tired of this one.
29 pictures have been submitted and uploaded.....and to think about how this actually got started......
Updated. If you don't see your submission on the site check your e-mail.
Also updated the OP


Please submit your xmog pictures to ratemyxmog@yahoo.com if you'd like to add them to the site.

  • Also, please let me know your in-game name, race, and class in the e-mail. Makes it a hell of a lot easier on me, especially since I'm getting so many submissions (I really didn't think this would blow up like it did O.o).
  • It would also help me out a lot if you let me know of a caption that you would like posted with it. It's becoming tedious thinking of them sometimes....
    Updated. Please follow the directions in the OP and in the post above when you submit your picture. Heartsign.
    I've added a couple of features to the site. You can now visit our realm forums by simply clicking the 'Kil'Jaeden Realm Forums' link, as well as submit directly from the site!
    02/01/2013 05:14 AMPosted by Aleous
    Good work, Pebbles. If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask.

    Not sure if I have the WoW energy to submit a pic.

    So I need someone else to do it for me.

    This is what I want.

    A close up.

    Of just my eyes on up.

    Obviously the star is the hat.

    I want this done by 6pm server.


    I'm the greatest.
    someone pls rate my xmog like hello pls
    38 total uploads so far.
    Trying to think of some things to add to the site. I've got an 'Xmog of the Week' link at the top but obviously the site hasn't even been up for a week. Might post one every Saturday if this actually catches on.

    If you have any serious ideas, please email then to ratemyxmog@yahoo.com or get in touch with me in-game.
    Serious idea: put me at the top of every page thx

    Key, you're doing it wrong.

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