Role-Play Pen Pals?

Earthen Ring
Is anyone involved with any kind of Role-Play Pen Pal? I know some people do this on other servers I player on like Moon Guard and WA. Was wonder how I would go about doing this on Earthen Ring.
Your best bet will be it is the website dedicated to the RPers of Earthen Ring. It is highly active with tons of new posts every day, I do see several posts a week containing correspondence with letters aimed at different players and players of opposite factions. You can always sign up and create a forum post there seeking a pen pal, same with the question in your other thread. Sadly a lot of the RPers don't venture to the realm forums and they tend to stay on the ERNetwork :)

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Another helpful thread is:

But the network is going to be your best bet.
Thanks a lot. Going to check the Network out now.

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