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recruiting for our newest 25m get in contact with myself avelade or djmonknix
still lookin
still lookin
--Deleted post, accidently posted twice--
I am really trying to clear ToES before 5.2 hits. I know all the fights and am willing to transfer servers if you guys are willing to give me a chance.
Shaladrius, I only have one team that is nearing a sha kill right now on reg mode. The remaining teams are well into heroics or nowhere near a sha kill on reg mode.

The team "Angry Go Lucky" is working on Sha this week however we are missing a ranged DPS this week. Our goal is to clear ToES however regardless. If you like, you can transfer over and get in with us this week.

Before you decide, know that this is only a temporary spot. However we have 14 raid teams, 2 of which have an opening for a mage. One team is a 10 man and is 8/16 HM, the other is a 25 man and is a new high progression raid team. The 25 man begins raiding February 26th however that team will be evaluating many raiders and replacing low performers as it goes.

If interested, look me up battle tag Shadow99x99x#1793
Hope everyone is doing well, Do miss you all !!

Seeing if there is still a recruitment need for a healer for the below team. There is not any contact information so was wondering who I could talk to about the team.

Raid Leader and Raid Name : Cosmostar (Exalted with Repair Bots)
Contact info : n/a
Raid Days and time : F, Sa 10:00pm-1:00am est
Progression : 6/6 Msv 0/6 Hof 0/4 Toes - N/A
Currently Recruiting :
1 Healer : Pally, Druid
You can contact cosmostar in game, or put an application up on our website at opponent-guild.com
Still looking!
Still looking
still lookin
Been in the guild for a few weeks and have to say for how big it is (60-70 online nightly and 100+ weekends) its well organized and well ran. There is something always going on and with 14 raid teams you will surely find a team to suit your schedule and or experience.

If youre still looking for a guild for 5.2 or want to get into raiding, post an app and attend a trial. I can assure you, you will not be dissapointed and this will be that long term home youve been looking for. Good luck to any new apps and hope to see you part of the family!
Moar raiders needed!

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