<Opponent> [4/13 HToT] 14 raids LFM

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Ohai guys. How's it hanging?
Check out Team Triple Dragon 25M class needs and apply @ http://www.opponent-guild.com/

2 bosses down in ToT and council probably down tonight! Post an app, have a trial, and create some friendly class competition. PST Djmonknix if you have any questions! Good luck hope to see you part of the team!

Very High Need for Restoration Shamans
Very High Need for Restoration Druids
Very High Need for Holy Paladins
Very High Need for Mistweaver Monks
Do you guys need a boomkin LF a 25 man raiding guild to raid with
I made an app on Saturday, have yet to hear anything back yet.
Ortanith, I will review your application sometime during the day tomorrow and let you know then. I apologize for the delay.
Do you guys need a boomkin LF a 25 man raiding guild to raid with

Yes, check out the site and post an app healing offspec is a bonus! Make sure to list the team you are applying for.
team triple dragon
Still looking for more!
So, what's the minimum amount of experience required for an application to even be considered? I don't really want to waste your guys' time with an application that never even stands a chance. Just having difficulties finding an adequate raid group since I've returned.
Depends on the team you are applying for really. For team "No Mercy Raiding" and "Team Triple Dragon" we're looking for raiders with some previous heroic experience. The remaining teams are varied and but we do like to see raiders who have cleared at least 8/16 reg mode tier 14 content on the remaining teams.
Still looking for more
Still looking
Banished is a turtle warlock!
still lookin
Avelade has a thing for DJ

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