<Opponent> [4/13 HToT] 14 raids LFM

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So, I hear we are still looking for members. You should read this and apply.
Still need to speak with Qlawk but I'm very interested in your 25 or 10 man hardcore raid guild. It's less days than my previous guild which I love and you guys seem to not care about just loot but also progression and the guild itself.

Top 30/50/100 parses in T14 16/16H and a very reliable holy pally :) I'll wait to hear from ya guys.
Sup jshookz get at me in game.
Intrepid is a new 10 Man team. This team raids in <Opponent II> and the raid leader is Jellystrudel. This group will raid Saturdays and Mondays 8-11pm EST and is currently recruiting:

Resto Druid
Disc Priest or Resto Shaman
Frost / Unholy DK
Ret Paladin

Apply at http://opponent-guild.com
1/13 H
Team Triple Dragons - 25M Tues - Thurs 7 - 11 EST
5/12 ToT will be 6/12 + next reset. This is a new team and it's starting to come together. Our raid leader (DJmonknix) and Co officers are constantly reviewing performance and replacing as we progress. If you're interested in raiding and would like a trial visit http://www.opponent-guild.com and post an application. Make sure to mark what team you're applying for Good luck!

Very High Need for Restoration Shamans
Very High Need for Restoration Druids
Very High Need for Holy Paladins
Very High Need for Mistweaver Monks

We are always recruiting all exceptional raiders
Still looking
Submitted an app
Team serenity is still looking for a druid healer. =) Also, this guild is awesome!!
still lookin
Aragon's raiders raid leader is Aragnon and is a hardcore team raiding Tu - Th 7pm-11pm EST. This team is recruiting:

Resto / Ele Shaman
Frost / Blood DK or Fury / Prot Warrior
Angry-Go-Lucky (AGL) raid leader is Lucky and Angryeric and is a semi hardcore team raiding Tu - Th 7:30pm-10:30pm EST. This team is recruiting:

Blood DK or BM Monk or Prot Paladin
Prot Warrior or Guardian Druid

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