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Bleeding Hollow
recruiting all dps classes
Still looking for all DPS.

Still looking for all DPS.

Bump! Need some solid dps, ready for heroics and 5.2!! Apply now!
Looking for all dps!
Hi there I am considering a transfer to Bleeding Hollow. I am on a dead server with attendance issues so haven't had luck finishing this tier on regular. I have completed all previous tiers on my paladin. I am an aware player that researches my class and makes appropriate changes when needed. I currently play frost because well I find it the most fun of the specs at the moment and I still pull great numbers. I research fights have great attendance and enjoy raiding and having fun while killing the big monsters! The most important thing for me about transferring is that I am looking for a new home...I was in my last guild for 5 years before it disbanded. Looking for friendly people that hang out and have fun playing wow.
team alpha is currently recruiting a monk/dk/druid tank

apply within!
recruiting a monk/dk/druid tank!
recruiting a tank
looking for a monk/dk/druid tank for our team alpha
looking for a tank
tank tank tank
recruiting a tank for our alpha team
still recruiting
Still looking for a solid dk/monk/druid tank for 5.2!
recruiting a tank for team alpha!
looking for a tank
alpha team recruiting a tank
recruiting a tank

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