Why are the wintraders getting to keep gear?

The real wintraders are not banned, they are still playing now - even today they are doing it.

It makes it easier for them when the real 2300+ teams are not queeing.
I hope the gear is removed ... current T2 is so op it will ruin start of next season
I have a great idea, i would like to volunteer for a 3 day ban in exchange for free t2.

I think this is actually the best solution, it saves bliz money from having to pay employees to investigate me and who i may have exploited with, and the end result is the same.

Lets just streamline the whole process, save all parties involved a lot of time and money. We can just log out for 3 days straight and come back with free t2.

All in favor, say "aye"
They should set up a ban currency system:

T2 purchasable with 3 days of ban

2200 purchasable with 3 days of ban

All titles purchasable for 1 day ban each
They should set up a ban currency system:

T2 purchasable with 3 days of ban

2200 purchasable with 3 days of ban

All titles purchasable for 1 day ban each

Nah titles are 3 days as well they still get to keep those to rofl
A lot of people at 2400+ got banned. Teams who play legit at 2400 had 80% of their players banned because they faced some wintraders throughout the season.

This is the biggest joke ever. We play 5-10hours everyday in rbgs and quee into other 2300+ teams on my main acocunt and destroy them. Most of us are gladiators or multi-gladiators and a lot of our games are streamed with multi 1000's of viewers - yet we all get banned.

Heck, just the day before we got banned we played 6 hours and went 17-2 v all 2300+ teams.

Where is the logic in that!?

Hey Dora, can you link me to your posts complaining about wintraders? Kthx
Them keeping the achievement is bull !@#$.

It's a point of pride to do well in pvp, it's somethign that takes a lot of time and effort. they keep the achievement and get to walk around in the once unobtainable vanilla pvp gear?

Dear blizz,

Please stop rewarding the people that flagrantly cheat at this game. giving them gear, unobtainable transmogs, bragging rights from achievements, and the ability to get into groups all based off of their cheating is extremely frustrating for your player base that did not cheat.

blizz, you are in essence telling your player base, if they want to stay competitive they have to cheat. you are not only endorsing cheating, you are requiring that they do so if it come up again.

Every player, that did blacksmithing, that re rolled human, that farmed gold for top enchants, is now going to feel pressure to cheat should the opportunity arise again. And based on blizz's actions they should cheat. How incredibly infuriating.
I'm glad they didn't take peoples gear tbh.. several people from my core got the 72hr ban.. all legitimate players. We are now farming our rating back and will be in our rightful place in no time.

If our gear had been stripped. It would only make it even more difficult for us to fight our way back into the 2200s.

On the other hand. We have encountered many people we know to be win traders. We stomp them back into the 1700-1800 bracket every time. So its a weird kind of balance that is taking place right now.

The baddies will be back at low rating. Which is still unfair for the people they compete with in that bracket, due to having a gear advantage. Although, if there was a blanket strip on peoples gear. A great deal of honest players would have been unnecessarily punished too.

Blizzard didn't treat the banwave very well, quite poorly in fact. In the end though, I think we should at least be glad they finally took some kind of measure against this nonsense. Hopefully they stay on top of it and do a better job at punishing the right people in future.
02/01/2013 08:43 PMPosted by Tarazan
Well actually I`m curious to know as to how many people cancelled other than me their subscription after the ban because to tell you the truth many were doing it because we were unsucessful raising our raiting considering how hard it is to actually get a pick up group going.

Wait a sec there... are you actually trying to justify your Win trading? LOL

I'm glad you're unsubscribing, that means blizz did a good job with the mass ban wave.
because blizzard wants to punish them w/o losing their subscription $.
At least take away the t2 weps if they are legit they can get that back easy
02/02/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Tarazan

Wait a sec there... are you actually trying to justify your Win trading? LOL

I'm glad you're unsubscribing, that means blizz did a good job with the mass ban wave.

Noone is justifying anything lol but you don`t seem to understand what customer loyalty is and what its worth. You play a game and you build your character overtime. If you are being prevented from playing the game for 2-3 days for doing something wrong thats ok but nullfying all your hours played is just going to get your customer base angry.

They released a sticky a couple days ago saying all the bans were carefully reviewed and now they recently released another sticky saying that they will restore the raitings of many because they weren`t carefully reviewed. To me that sounds like their upper managment came up whit really high numbers of customers cancelling their subscription otherwise why would they go trought the trouble of going back and spend time to undo their actions? And you might say these posts came from WoW eu and WoW Us but at the end of the day its the same company and the same game.

You are trying to justify win trading its that simple; you are bad.

Yeah I think you should look up justify in a webster considering that I`m not apealing to any action done towards my account. I`m just saying that nothing good will come from (revenue wise) stripping peoples gear or raiting. Also a wintrader recognises a wintrader and you are truely one. So stop posting all over the forums that you want their gear to be stripped, strip your own gear first.

So you're suggesting that blizzard should just let people cheat without any consequences huh? That sounds like an awesome idea to keep subscriptions up. I wonder why blizzard hasn't hired you yet to become their companie's chief consultant of business.
I plan on wintrading next season, to bust out a huge rating in the first week or two and then get mad conquest every week.

Blizzard has proven there's no punishment for me to fear.

Blizzard has shown that they are much too busy developing new expansions and mounts that they can sell than anything else. Bots and win traders are just too much work apparently and blizzard will just implement a solution that they didn't have to spend any time or effort on.

Check out this Hero of the Alliance


Mostly blue gear, couple weeks ago this hero had mostly greens but now has a few pieces of Malevolent gear and of course the weapon.

Won every game in every battleground except Eos, In Eos they are 0-30

Win trading FTW.
Why you ask?


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