[H] Entropy - 80 twink guild

Entropy is a 80 twink guild looking to clear all wrath content on a weekly basis. We are experienced raiders with this content and currently are seeking players with a similar interest to join and clear 80 dungeons. Starting with a core group of players, our goals are to clear 10man content and move to 25 as the guild grows, with Heroic LK and Halion being on farm status. Just a change of pace with the following two patches. This is a great oppurtunity to experience this content or if experienced to go back and enjoy it once more as a same level player.

Entropy is currently looking for 1 tank (druid, dk pref.), Healers and DPS.

Please feel free to contact us ingame. Officers are Flashbulb, Deloege and myself. Our website is entropythrall.guildportal.com. You can Apply through the website or ingame.

We need priests, rogues, warlocks, shamans, hunters and possibly a few monks. Someone please take this leather gear! :P
Is this still active?

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