Are quest mobs to easy?

Hello, to start off I have been playing WoW for many years enjoying the content it has been giving to me however needing to taking short breaks here and there however, to my point. I have recently noticed that some of the wanted board mobs have been nerfed from elites to non-elites, I am confused however isn't the point of a wanted board quest mob supposed to be menacing not just like another push over mob roaming the world? I think that Blizzard should both re-do and add more of these events in some zones having your game as a MMORPG should encourage group team work using your friends, guildys, or even using general chat to recruit people for your quest then bring down mobs while getting a great reward for doing so. I understand that there is a flux of newer players but still I don't think we should numb the difficulty of everything but bring a mix of experiences . I appreciate your time in reading this post and would love some feedback on if this is a good or bad idea.
It kinda takes the fun out of the game when you can smash your face off the keyboard and kill a "formidable" NPC.
NPC's in general just feel really weak as a whole outside I guess raids but those are intended for larger groups of people.
Roll something squishy of something that's op...but yea questing is loads eater just starts again after 4 years/wotlk made 50 in 10 play hours

Or something's that's not op ***
They can only afford to make the main stream of quests so difficult. It needs to be accessible to people of all skill capacities. There are much more challenging fights available on the side, including the entire Brawl arena.

In addition, making open-world monsters more challenging for a solo runner often means they'll group up for it and trivialize what may have been meant to be a challenging solo job.

I like having hardy challenges on the side, sometimes offering unique rewards, even if it's just personal satisfaction. As ideas go, I do think it'd be cool to have extremely powerful individuals that you can challenge in the open world—like, you run up to them, challenge them, and whether you're in a group or not, you'll be the only one able to attack it and you won't be able to be helped by others.

Integrated into a quest environment, there could be red exclamation points over such targets, and say there was a really powerful warlord or something in the middle of his band of soldiers caught in a fray, and he would have that red quest exclamation point, and you could run up and challenge him, beginning a really challenging fight for a cool item, like a transmoggable weapon with a unique graphic. The kind of thing you could flaunt long after a normal item would exceed its usefulness.
Hmm, I wonder how others will feel here's to hoping for more attention on this topic :D
I didn't mind the difficulty level. At the beginning of the xpac, things were tough when we were wearing Cata gear. Then progressively got better and better. Of course there were lots of people around who helped.

The rare mobs scattered around are kinda like this xpac's hard quest bosses. Optional and tough for some, easy in groups.

For pet classes and OPallys and fat monks/DKs, everything's cake. For lone skinny casters in crud gear, it takes more planning and prep and may still have to call a friend or two after too many wipes.

Mists was a nice balanced leveling experience, imo. Of course things are stuper easy now (except some crazy rares - especially throwing bananas) but my alts die regularly on quests!
First-timers tend not to know anything about buffs and enchants and attributes, etc. They tend to be poorly equipped, so even easy mobs can become difficult for noobs.

It was a fight leveling my first character. After a while I got up to speed on things like attributes and enchantments, and now the PvE mobs seem easy by comparison.

So Blizzard probably has to strike a balance between keeping mobs easy enough to be accessible to poorly-equipped noobs while also keeping them semi-challenging for well-equipped old-timers leveling another alt.

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