Shadow Orb Generation Out of Combat Part III

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Did you even think before you typed this?

Devouring Plauge heals us dumb@ss. A decent bit too, especially if you pop vampiric embrace first.


You are technically correct good sir.

My bad.

It heals for almost 25 percent health.

Even if you disagree with my analysis, Boomkins still get a completely unique resource mechanic to use.

Even if my analysis is wrong...

Why be so opposed to this implementation when Kentucy Fried Chicken clearly has its "special Ingredients?"

Darkapostle, what do you think about boomkins and their resource mechanic...?

We should not have an out of combat orb generation ability. That would be silly overpowered.

Shadow is designed to build orbs throughout the dps rotation, making us always be able to have full orbs would break the design of the class.

It would be like warlocks being able to always have full burning embers/soul shards or a ret paladins always having full holy power.

...and what about the passive shard generation out of combat implementation for affliction warlocks?
This is ridulous it isn't necessary

Caps to convey my anger and desperation.
Good Point, Orb regeneration out of combat, like affly locks do!

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