Running MSV for inexperienced raiders

Tuesdays starting at 9pm server we (Diablerie) are running some of our alts through MSV and are hoping to get some people on board who may not have a chance to otherwise see normal raid content.

I am doing this with the understanding that it will more than likely not be a full clear on any given night, but with each week, those that we PuG in will get a little better and be able to fill their rolls more completely.

I am specifically thinking that we will need 1 tank 1 healer and a couple dps on a weekly basis.

If you are interested, please understand that this will take a certain measure of patience from everyone and overall we are in it to have some fun.
If you are wanting to try out normal raiding but have no experience, send me an in-game mail referencing this post.
That's really kool of you guys to do! Good luck! <3 :D
Thanks. Everyone has to start somewhere. Most of the time there isn't much patience for those learning unless you are in a progression group.

Its always fun to teach someone to do something you already know how to do well...
Tuesday run is still on 9pm server time. At least 1 tank and a healer would be nice to have lined up ahead of time. Krenaa#1950 or in-game mail to sign up.
Not able to pull a group together last night. Going to try again Friday evening 9pm. 2 healers (1 with dps os) with some dps are needed currently. Send me ingame mail or hit me up Krenaa#1950 for early invite.
Planning on trying to pull this together tonight, 2/15. Send in game mail for invite. Need a little bit of everything at this point.
Sent you in game mail if you are still planning on doing this and need mage dps.
9pm server tonight we are running MSV. Hoping to have a group capable of a full clear. Only need a couple to fill out the group. Send an in game mail with your desired roll and I will do my best to accommodate.

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