[Headcount] (lvl 25) NOW RECRUITING

Headcount Is now RECRUITING! We are an up and coming LVL 25 PVP guild looking to run SKILLED RBG GROUPS when S13 drops. We are a chill group of players, all looking to have fun while making a name for ourselves in PvP.

We have 7 bank tabs and guild repairs!

Our Goals:
To run successful premade Bg's daily
To run successful guild RBG groups
To host weekly WORLD PVP events (yes i said WORLD PVP)
To help eachother progress in PVP and contribute to a fun experience in the world of warcraft

Current Class Needs:
ALL (we DO NOT discriminate) If you are a skilled pvp/pve player, or just a casual player looking for a fun and friendly group to spend your game time with, we are the guild for you.

Anyone that can prove themselves to be a team player, and pvp aware. Season 12 is ending so we are not concerned with your current gear. Skill>Gear and gear can always be gotten. IF you have experience/skill in pvp we want you! And hey, if you are just now getting into pvp, don't worry we'll take you too!

Anyone with raiding experience is welcome. We do not currently have a scheduled raid group however, we are willing to recruit pve players. If you are interested in leading a raid group, LET US KNOW! We would love to fill a raid leader position as we have tons of members willing to raid.

1) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. While in a guild BG group whether its a regular premade or a RBG, you MUST use a Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern. It is greatly appreciated if you supply your own however, the guild bank has a tab dedicated to members who need some.
2) HAVE FUN. That is all.
Feel free to apply on our forums at http://headcount.enjin.com/home

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