[H]Late Night Pain Train 8/16 HM 25m

Still looking
5.2 is coming up. Looking for some more raiders to fill the roster.
recruitment still open for all classes/specs.
Still recruiting for 5.2
Still looking
We are in need of a few good healers, toss in an app and let's get this train rolling!
Healers/dps please feel free to app
Still looking for a few more for 5.2
come on ride their train…choo choo choo…ride it
9/16 heroic now
9/16 heroic now and still looking
The guild is now 1% more awesome after I joined ( I'm pretty sure....I think ) so apply and be that much more awesome.
Looking for a few more for the last health on Heroic Lei Shi.
10/16 heroic now
Updated wowprogress is good too. Excellent. Apply today.
Need some solid players to round out our roster for 5.2!
I have stumbled across your forum post and have been very interested. I have a 489 ele/resto/enh shaman. I was in a hardcore raiding guild on moon guard server named <Demonic Hordes> and then they broke apart into a 10 man group. If you would like a shaman or a disc/shadow priest please catch me in game. My real id is sweeney2444@hotmail.com. I have been a hardcore raider since early wrath and am looking forward to getting back to that mentality again. Thanks for the time and consideration!

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