Exceptional HPaly and Guardian Druid

Hey Lightbringer!

My gf and I are looking to transfer from Stormrage. We were in a 10man guild that was working on Heroics, we were also in a top 25man guild back in cata on Medivh. We prefer a 25man guild but are not opposed to a solid 10man guild. We are very dedicated and are capable of high level of raiding. The addition of us will enhance and develop your raid group! We are available for all days of the week, our raid times are most convenient during 4-10 PM PST.

We are as follows:

I am a 496iLVL guardian druid. I have years of experience as both Feral, Guardian, and I know how to use a cooldown :)


My girlfriend is a 493iLVL Holy Paladin. She is an exceptional healer that will simply amaze you.


We can provide logs when needed, feel free to contact me in game my Real Id is Mihr #1879 or leave a post here.

Thank you for your time,

We are just making the jump from 10 man to 25 man and are filling the last 4-5 spots for our core would love to chat with you about possibly coming on board. Hit Zurkhan or myself up in game or on real id ToxicRiegn#1124
Lotus is a brand new guild looking, we need a couple more people to fill out our 10 man roster. We raid two nights a week so I don't know what kind of time commitment you are looking for. Our core group now is experienced with the current tier and most of us have raiding experience that goes back to vanilla. We plan on being a casual guild but with the raiders we have now I wouldn't be surprised if we are very successful in 5.2. You can be a part of the ground floor of this shindig.

Anyway, hit up Timmuh or any guild officer in game to learn more.
Thank you for the replies. We have found a home.

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