Immørtal is Recruiting All Friendly Actives!

Casuals, Raiders, and Pvpers. There is a spot for everyone and plenty of ways to communicate. Every good guild needs a website.

The Story:

Well I got tired of my Gm giving special treatment to people who were higher up even though they were doing things wrong. Sure you have the power but don't abuse it.

So I created my own guild. Started up the website: >>><<< Bought a 50 man vent server and started inviting people here and there.

My Girlfriend and I are Gm's. Its a stable relationship so there will be no drama or conflict there.

We will be focused mainly on raiding but pvpers are welcome too. There is a section for everyone on the website and on the vent server. I would imagine I will be receiving a lot of casuals (Pvpers, Raiders, and Normal) to help level the guild.

I will be doing contests after we get 50 members for most active, etc.

If you join I can guarantee fair treatment as far as items and arguments go. I will not keep bad people in my guild just because I don't have anyone else. There are millions of Wow players. If no one wants to join then Ill just continue on my way to leveling it with her =). The earlier you join the better chance of receiving a higher rank as long as you are respectful. If you want to be a Tyrant(Raid Leader) or Slayer(Raider) you must know what you are doing as far as rotations, reforging, and gemming gear. Or you could even have an alt join and get free guild repairs up to 80.

We will do old raids a well for xmog. Practically anything wow related you will receive help with.

Even if you don't want to join, visit the website create an account and have some fun in the forums talking about wow related or random stuff if you wish.

If you refuse to do any of it, thanks for your time and sorry if I wasted it.

Have a nice day =).
Recruited two awesome people! Come join its legit I promise =).
Just remember the earlier you join the better chance of receiving a high rank. People who put in the time deserve to be a higher rank.
Got to lvl 4 yesterday! Have a handful of people now working our way to 25. One said he could be a raid leader. His main is 12/12H. Come join! the signup process is quick! Just post your char name on the site and read rules thats it!
We are now lvl 6, Close to 30 people so far. Growing quickly!

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