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"GREETINGS ONE AND ALL! TO THE GRAND ARENA OF THE BRAWLER'S GUILD!" The announcer shouted, a small pixy looking Goblin, her voice amplified by a small mechanical device in her hand that sent the sound through large metal boxes spread throughout the arena. Crowds of people stood, some sitting, in the stands watching and looking down into the arena at all the fighters lined up to fight and the small ten by ten meter box built for the fights; just hundred meters of space was all that the fighters were allowed and it had proven to be the defeat of many a brawler in recent times.

The crowd was going wild, the combination of bloodshed, strength and skill at arms gave the crowd a much needed outlet for its built up tensions. A fact that the Brawler's Guild had been quick to use to their advantage, allowing bets to be placed on the fights with odds never favoring the champions who fought. The tiny Goblin smiled as she stared out at the crowds, her free hand upheld to them trying to quiet them as she tried to announce the series of fights that were about to take place.

"TODAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE AN ARRAY OF BATTLE-HARDENED BRAWLERS FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD! HERE TO TEST THEIR METTLE AGAINST THE MEANEST, AND BADDEST WE HAVE TO OFFER! FOR NOW ENJOY FINE DRINK AND FOOD AND START PLACING THOSE BETS!" A short peal of laughter filled the air as she lowered the microphone and turned on her jetpack, flying into the air and around the hundred meter arena several times before landing in her appointed spot above the fray.

"So hun, how much ya think we are gonna make of these chums today?" Pixie Coinwrench asked, her employer and lover Galleon Goldscrew who was puffing on a cigar behind her. A short chuckle escaped the other Goblin and he rubbed his greasy little hands together, "Oh we are gonna make a killin' today babe! These bums don't even know what's gonna hit 'em! Hah! I can already smell all the gold we are gonna get outta these guys! Can't believe they are lettin' us use Gurubashi Arena though, man this is gonna make a killin' for the Guild!" His voice was as slippery as his words, the glint in his eyes showed that he was here for the money and just that.

It was probably this reason that the Guild hired him to do its event; but Goldscrew didn't care, he just wanted some quick cash. "Let's see that roster shall we? I wanna know what kind of brawlers we are dealin' with today babe." He said as he pulled out a clipboard with a large stack of papers on it.


Welcome to the Brawler's Guild! Since discovering this lovely little creation of Blizzard's I thought it might be a great RP environment! A combination of what makes a tavern RP thread enjoyable combined with the fighting aspects of a regular closed RP thread. So this really is a thread that doesn't require a lot of explanation! I will assign everyone to an opponent, some will be of my invention and some will be you fighting other brawlers. For those I create that are NPC I will give you a list of abilities they use with what they do and you will have to fight and defeat them over a minimum of a few posts (decided by your rank in the Brawler's Guild and the enemy you are fighting).

For those still interested here is the sign up format:

Description (Without Armor and weapons):
Brief History:
Why you are in the Brawler's Guild:

Faction doesn't matter and all races are welcome, the normal rules apply so let's see those sign ups people!

1) Ashok Longshadow (Khairn) Rank 1 (1/4)
2) Alabron Stargaze (Alabron) Rank 1 (1/4)
3) Moloch Von Zinzer (Einherrjar) Rank 1 (1/4)
4) Kalipsia Darkfang (Kalipsia) Rank 1 (1/4)
5) Xian Li Honningbrew (Daedhel) Rank 1 (Currently Fighting)
6) Donothil and Deliane Sunblade (Valamurne) Rank 1
7) Aliyara Stagsong (Aliyaras) Rank 1
8) Edlothia Foxburr (Edlothia) Rank 1
9) Allaynna (Allay) Kidrain (Allaynna) Rank 1
10) Azurara Leafblade (Azurara) Rank 1
11) Kenneth Sender (Deathkenny) Rank 1
12) Aldiran "The Colossus" Draxian (Aldiran) Rank 1
13) Krieg Stormrider Rank 1

1) Srdotsalot
2) Caibre

I think.

BTW... what about the Sea Glass?

BTW... what about the Sea Glass?

I went and jumped off a bridge.
Name: Alabron Stargaze

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Male

Description (Without Armor and weapons): He stands tall at 7'1 and has light pink skin. His eyes glow a bright silver. He has shining white hair and remarkable facial features. He has a athletic build for an archer, in case he has to fight up in melee range.

Equipment: He wears light mail armor so he can move around quickly, but still be protected from weaker attacks. His hood is black, his eyes are the only thing visible when he has it up. He usually has it on when he is in combat. He has black cloak that wraps around him and his darker chain mail attire. He uses a black bow, with a red interior. His arrows are dipped in a slowing toxin.

Brief History: Alabron has been known for his expertise with a bow and arrow. He can shoot arrows at fasinating speeds. He had always struggled making friends and allies. He usually kept to himself as a child and still does today. Nobody really knows him well enough to know his history, besides his outstanding performace with a bow.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Alabron had been cut off on his previous job. His employer found another person for his spot. Eliminating targets. Alabron was one of the best, but his employers didn't think so. He has been in need for money ever since, he heard from guards in the city that a brawling arena was somewhere nearby. He thought about it and finally agreed to do it, only for the money, not for others' pleasure.
This seems like something right up my warrior's alley.

Tossing a reserve down, I'll try and get the sign-up done before the day is through.
Reserve. I have definite characters in mind, but may I sign up two? The ones I have in mind kinda' work as a team. And if not a team, may I still sign up two? Though if you don't want that, that is totally acceptable.
Name: Moloch von Zinzer

Race: Worgen

Age: 29

Description: In his human form, he is 6 feet even, black-haired, and golden-eyed. His face is hawklike, with a slightly hooked nose and tanned skin. In worgen form, von Zinzer is over eight feet tall, weighs over three hundred pounds, and has black fur and golden eyes. In both forms, he has a gaping scar that stretches from his right temple, across his forehead, curves down and goes over his left eye, and ends at his left jaw; a legacy of a mistake made during one of his many duels.

Weapons/armor: While in human form, the ex-noble wears a rapier, several flintlocke pistols, a saber, and a main gauche. Moloch wears a form-fitting black suit, carefully tailored to survive his transformation into a Worgen. When he has time to prepare for battle, Moloch uses clawed guantlets, a pair of claymores, and a full suit of Saronite plate armor.

Brief History: von Zinzer was the son of a wealthy Stormwind family of nobility, and he learned the art of dueling as part of his upbringing- his family bought him a commission in the Stormwind army, and Moloch included tactics and strategy in his studies. Unfortunately for his life of comfort, von Zinzer’s impetuousness, hotheadedness, and unique ability to irritate nearly everyone managed to get him into five duels in a four-month span at the age of nineteen. He won all of them, but his last victim happened to be the heir of a considerably more influential and powerful family. They hired assassins, and Moloch barely managed to get out of Stormwind with his life.

Moloch ended up in Gilneas shortly after the Wall fell, and was infected with the curse of the Worgen. Some years later, another nobleman and close friend stumbled upon him, and arranged to give him a potion that restored his mind. von Zinzer is now the leader of an elite and very secretive group of mercenaries, but the noble still has time to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Such as blood and gore. And meat cooked very rare. The two often overlap.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Moloch loves the thrill of battle and the knowledge that he is superior to his opponent. Likewise, the food is actually pretty good at the Brawler's Guild, and it's a nice place to relax and do his utmost to eviscerate his opponents.
01/31/2013 07:26 AMPosted by Valamunre
Reserve. I have definite characters in mind, but may I sign up two? The ones I have in mind kinda' work as a team. And if not a team, may I still sign up two? Though if you don't want that, that is totally acceptable.

You can sign them up as a team, this is acceptable! :D

Ein and Alabron accepted! Caveat Alabron I expect good posting and based upon your brief history its somewhat lacking in actual details about your characters backstory especially considering he is a Kaldorei, normally they are much older than humans.

EDIT: Forgot age and class in the sign up form. Doh! >.<
Name: Ashok Longshadow

Race: Human

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

Description (Without Armor and weapons): Ashok is 6' 2" weighing in at about 250lbs. He is a well muscled warrior that has fought in countless campaigns both for the Alliance and in more recent times as a mercenary. He has coal black eyes that match his close cropped black hair and beard. A collection of scars dot body showing off the fact that he is both a skilled warrior yet likes to take some unnecessary risks. Two tattoos also decorate his tanned skin, one on his left inside forearm which reads "Soldiers live and wonder why." The other is on his back right on his right shoulder blade which is the image of a skull held within an iron fist and missing its lower jaw.

Equipment: Ashok wears saronite-elementium alloy black armor that in certain places shows sign of wear and tear. The armor is a basic designed however it is designed to give the wearer more mobility than standard plate-mail, the joints more noticeable and it looks as if the armor was molded directly to Ashok's body. On the gauntlets, elbow pads, knee pads, boots and pauldrons small holes are visible which are wear retractable spikes are located, giving Ashok even more options for combat. The armor is then decorated with an iron-bound book chained to his armor with rusting iron chains.

Ashok's weapon of choice is his massive hand-and-a-half longsword, Ragnarok. The blade is slightly curved giving it a vicious look, its black and red colored alloy of saronite-elementium makes the blade sometimes look like its pulsing with a life of its own. The weapon is designed to allow it to be used in both tight spaces and in open battle both as a two-handed weapon or as a one-handed weapon with a shield; however, most of the time Ashok uses it as a two-handed weapon.

Brief History: Ashok once was a well respected Knight-Captain and Paladin Defender of the Alliance, that was however before the war between the Alliance and Horde really took off (at the end of the Cataclysm) and he was sent in with the military force where he lost his ability to command the Light due to him doubting the orders given to him by his superiors. After he lost the Light Ashok lost faith in the Alliance and went AWOL, disappearing into the world and moving from place to place, avoiding bounty hunters and Alliance assassins alike.

Now he is a hired sword, working with mercenary companies and ship captains as hired muscle to fight. He was invited to join the Brawler's Guild by a friend of his, Alexander Marcos, a member of the Brawler's Guild for his gladiatorial fighting experience and renown.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Ashok is in the Brawler's Guild because he needs money and its a quick way to make cash in a way that protects him from the deprivations of the Horde and Alliance.
I'll go ahead and throw down a reserve. I'll have a sign-up up tonight
Name: Kalipsia Darkfang

Race: Worgen

Age: 37

Class: Warrior

Gender: Female

Description (Without Armor and weapons): Kalipsia stands at 6'4 with a lean and muscular build. Her dark fur is typically kept clean and tidy, but time in the field can easily force her to lose track of tending to it. Under the coat of hair there are many scars of various sizes and locations, none of which are particularly noticeable. She is a quiet individual who tries to observe small details in situations that others may overlook, such as the stance of her opponent or finger placement on the grip of a blade, to try and keep ahead of her foes. Her bright green eyes seem to shine as they gaze at anything that draws her interest.

Equipment: Kalipsia carries a pair of greatswords, wielding one in each hand. Both swords are crafted of heavy elementium alloys, giving power to each swing. Her armor is a charred black/grey color and is made of heavy thorium to protect her vital areas and lightweight mithril around the joints to allow more freedom of movement. She also carries a large obsidium shield in her pack for situations where she might require more defense. All of her equipment is crafted to be durable and functional.

Recently she has acquired a musical instrument, bagpipes, to help pass the time while traveling or to help her relax.

Brief History: Kalipsia was once a lieutenant of the Lordaeron military forces. During her service she learned many survival techniques and was well practiced with a blade and shield. However, she began to excel in combat when wielding two swords. This led her to take up more time honing her abilities with a pair of weapons.

After the fall of her homeland, she took the men under her command and created a new mercenary force out of the survivors. During a mission in Silverpine Forest she was bitten by a worgen. Her shift to becoming one of the beasts took some time, and during that her forces were wiped out. Now feral, she roamed the lands until the Night Elves discovered her. They subdued the lone warrior and performed a ritual to return her mind to the body, sparing her life. With their help Kalipsia was able to rejoin the Alliance and roam the world once again. With her new found strength of a worgen she replaced her single-handed weapons with greatswords.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Kalipsia was invited to join the Brawler's Guild by an associate of hers, seeing the potential for fairly easy money and an outlet for the rage that still creeps into the back of her mind.
Ashok... is a... COW???????????????? >:0
01/31/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Silvestris
Ashok... is a... COW???????????????? >:0

I thought the same thing, I didn't realize it was him >_>

He knows which characters I'm throwing up for a sign up then :D

... The Double D's.
01/31/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Valamunre
... The Double D's.

The Jubblies*

I'll also probably sign up, I'm just not sure who to toss in here.
Name: Xian Li Honningbrew

Race: Pandaren

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Class: Monk

Description (Without Armor and weapons): In terms of height Xian Li is rather average for a Pandaren standing around 5'7".
Her fur is a jumbled color combination of Tan, Red-Brown, and Dark-Brown, her Hair is shares the Red-Brown color except for her bangs, which are dyed blue to symbol her loyalty to the Alliance, and is mostly pulled into two small covered buns.

Equipment: For armor Xian Li wears a set of Black and Blue armor, symbolizing her loyalty to the Alliance, and the Black Ox. For her weapons, she uses her fists and legs more than anything, but she carries her families sword, a heirloom passed down through the generations, though how long ago is unknown to her.

Brief History: Born in Zouchin Village in Pandaria, Xian Li grew up training in the ways of the monk during the day, and listening to the tales of Liu Lang's adventures during the night, these stories of course instilled a desire to see the world beyond the mist and to find any truth to the stories.

As time grew on she began to work with her father at his brewery, however after shortly after she began working, the mists vanished and strangers began arriving on the shores, the years of Wanderlust finally peaked and she set out to join the Alliance and explore the world beyond the mists.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: After traveling for some time through the continents of Azeroth Xian Li found herself without a copper to her name, needing the money and deciding it could be good training for her, she decided to join the Brawlers Guild.
All so far are accepted!

01/31/2013 01:32 PMPosted by Silvestris
Ashok... is a... COW???????????????? >:0

Yeah... Heroic raiding became too time consuming so I switched to CC for some casual raiding. Sue me I went tanking :(

Also Val those DD's better be kept wrapped up tight, this is a strictly PG-13 Thread yo.

Taha just kidding.
01/31/2013 02:27 PMPosted by Khairn
Also Val those DD's better be kept wrapped up tight, this is a strictly PG-13 Thread yo.

Poor DD's, one will be disappointed. *pats Deliane*

01/31/2013 01:41 PMPosted by Silvestris
The Jubblies*

I like this word. I've been pronouncing it aloud different ways to see which sounds better XD

EDIT: I have their sign-ups done, just trying to sum up the history rather than have it all on here.
Name: Deliane Sunblade
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: 27 (human equivalent)
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female

Description (Without armor and weapons): Deliane Sunblade is a beauty to many. Long, wavy, blonde locks that fall past her bosom, full pink lips, a straight and small nose, green eyes that could outshine emeralds. She stands at 5'10, her own figure very slim and toned, her assets quite attractive. Her twin brother would just claim she looks like a tramp (jokingly), though she was simply born with these looks, as she would say.

Her ears are lined up with earrings, running from the middle of her ear to the lobe, where there dangles two small hoops at the end. Underneath her gloves, rests a silver engagement ring, a glittering ruby set in the middle, a plethora of tiny diamonds surrounding it.

Her skin is nearly flawless, besides a few cuts on her fingers and two tattoos, one on each foot. There appears to be the outline of one tattoo on her foot, with the helm of a ship appearing first and a sword stabbing though it. On her other foot, a finished anchor is shown, grey with navy blue colors peeking though.

Equipment: All along her belt are poisons. Mind numbing poison, paralyzing poison, slowing poison, food and drink poison, etc. They are kept in tiny vials, no bigger and thicker than that of the average index finger of a human. Strapped onto her belt as well, are two jagged, silver daggers. The blades glisten with green, nearly lusting to slice into anything close. The hilts of the daggers are wrapped in black, worn leather. The only thing noticeable around the hilts are a ruby gem, though they are also partly covered, Deliane not wanting them to be stolen for profit.

Inside her boots at her thigh, in easy reach and sheathed properly so not to cut herself, are needle like daggers. Each individually dipped in poison, Deliane uses these as her ranged weapons, practicing almost daily to always have precise accuracy.

Deliane keeps it as simple as possible when it comes to dressing for battle. And slightly minimal, thinking her body may give her an advantage. She dresses in a black fitted one piece, much similar to the design of the black mageweave set casters are seen wearing, except made in leather form. The collar rises up to her neck and her thighs are mostly bare, up until her black leather heeled boots come over her knees slightly. Above the rim of the boots, just by two inches, are black bandages, a bit of protection her brother made her wear.

Her forearms are covered as well, her gloves ending just an inch before her elbow begins. Only two of the spots on her gloves are fingerless, the rest covered. She wears a black cloak, trimmed with silver, at all times, the hood, a majority of the time, seen on her head. If it were to fall, it'd be always of her doing or in battle. If one were to snatch the hood off, they'd most likely receive a very nasty poisoning in their food, or a severe cut to the kidney.

Brief History: Being born of the lower class of Sin'dorei, the Sunblade family didn't grow up with much. Working parents was a constant thing and it tugged at their hearts. The twins felt they needed to help their parents however they could. So Deliane and Donithil would snatch up whatever they could while running all over the city, bringing food or money home. When they became of age, they enlisted in the military, intending to serve for their people, but mostly to bring their income home.

When the Scourge attacked, it seemed as if all hell had broken loose. Deliane and Donithil were put on the front lines or on spy work, half the time afraid they wouldn't survive. During the war, their parents were murdered, and the twins hid their grieving except when behind closed doors. Once the war was done and their scars gained, the twins wanted to leave Quel'thalas and forget what memories existed there.


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