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Years had passed and the two ventured everywhere and anywhere, by any means. Whether it be Deliane using her looks or Donithil stealing whatever money he could. The two soon came across a ship and hopped on, their curiosity getting the best of them. It was there that they learned the ropes of the sea, the Goblin captain greeting them grudgingly, but he had accepted them. It was also there that both had found their fondness of the open sea.

While traveling here and there, Deliane ran into the man that had saved her and Donithil one night back during the Scourge invasion. His name was Rolimar Dawnweaver and he sent Donithil on edge with how quick and close became to Deliane. The two kept in touch after the Sunblade twins had left land again, and it only became a matter of time that they had formed into something more. They went for a visit back at Quel'thalas just for Deliane to see him. She stayed there with him, time passing as Donithil would hop on and off the ship just to see his sister. Finally (too fast, according to Donithil), Rolimar had purposed, and Deliane immediately said yes.

Donithil made a proposition to his sister; during her engagement, he got time with his sister to stir up trouble like they used to, and every six months, he and Rolimar would switch until they were officially wed. Deliane agreed as did Rolimar, and the twins were reunited. They would work on the ship out at sea, or hop off and cause their own mischief, just like before.

Name: Donithil Sunblade
Race: Sin'dorei
Age: 27 (human equivalent)
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male

Description (Without armor and weapons): Donithil, much like his sister, is quite the looker. Even with the huge scar on his face, running from his cheek, down his jawline, and to his neck. He has the same light blonde hair, pulled back into a ponytail to make it easier when fighting, so not as to get in the way of his eyesight. A straight nose and a strong jaw, the matching eyes as most other Sin'dorei, though a cold look is usually there.

He stands at 6'4 with a muscular but agile build, making sure to keep himself constantly trained and ready for the next move the enemy may deal out, though he likes to be ahead of them by all means necessary. His hands are rough and his knuckles look practically raw from the punches he's thrown.

Donithil's body is covered in scars, unlike Deliane. He has the one on his face, along with others on his shoulders, arms, and legs, and only one on his chest. On one of his shoulder blades, much to Deliane's begging and pleading, Donithil had gotten a matching tattoo. It was a pirate helm with a sword diagonally going through it. He refused to get the other one just to match his sister, considering he doesn't like tattoos that much, especially on himself.

Equipment: Leaving the poison carrying to Deliane, Donithil prefers being packed with weapons. On his back, there is a oak carved bow, intricately designed with various symbols, none having specific meaning to Donithil. His father had picked it out for him long ago, but Donithil kept it in tip-top shape, the bow itself having the most meaning. The quiver holding his red fletched arrows is plain black, with a silver trim running along the hem of it, a black leather strap making it easy for him to carry across his shoulder and back.

One side of his belt, hangs a gun. It looks rather old, with a rusty brown color, a typical flintlock pistol. It's barely used, but has saved Donithil's life once or twice. One the other side of his belt, are two rapier swords tucked into one sheath, Donithil losing his other one at sea on a drunken night.

Mimicking Deliane, Donithil has daggers strapped to the inside of his calf-length boots, each poisoned by none other than himself.

Donithil wears black leather pants with a silver belt, his black boots having a silver trim and coming up his calf. Above his boots are worn, leather bandages. They once matched the color of his boots and pants, but have faded into a grey color over years of use. The upper half of his body is covered in a black leather tunic, his arms covered until his wrist, where his black, fingerless gloves take control. His chest piece goes up to his neck, though there is a tiny V-shaped dip, though it only shows his adam's apple.

Flowing behind him is a black cloak, matching that of Deliane's. He never wears the hood unless on important missions or to make stealth easier. Underneath his tunic, is a red linen shirt which is hardly noticable, if at all.

Brief History: Same as Deliane's (sparing myself typing and editing).

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: He tells Deliane he's in need of money, which is partly true, but it's also for the thrill of the fight. He doesn't get to fight as often as he used to, especially with his sister ever since she became engaged.

Name: Li-xue Inkpaw
Race: Tushui Pandaren
Age: Middle-Aged
Class: Priest
Gender: Female

Description (Without Armor and weapons): She's of average height and a bit chubbier than your usual pandaren. Her fur is black on white, and very glossy. Her face is expressive and pretty, though she had a tenancy to squint due to her nearsightedness. She keeps her hair in a high bun, secured with two chopsticks.

Equipment: She is richly dressed in an outfit of white and blue, hemmed with gold threads. Her staff is styled like Staff of Restraint, with a magnifying spell swirling in the round end to help her read. She rides an expedition yak, but instead of passengers she carries a veritable mobile library of books and scrolls.

(( Armory link to the character she is based off of, to make her easier to envision as she basically looks just like her in-game counterpart: ))

Brief History: Though schooled in the ways of a priest, it has been years since Li-xue has been in combat. She is retired from defending her people against mogu attacks, and is now a member of the Lorewalkers. She traveled all over Pandaria, recording her observations and searching for knowledge. Now that the pandaren are once again speaking with and adventuring into the rest of the world, she has taken it upon herself to explore as much of this new land as she can, documenting everything as she goes, of course.

Her hope is to have a wing of the Lorewalkers' library named after her for her great contributions.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Due to her myopia, she misread the Brawler's invitation, thinking it was an invitation to a swanky restaurant called Bawley's Guild. Upon arrival, all the commotion made her think this was some sort of rowdy dinner theater.

((Not much of a fighter but I assure you she can defend herself if tossed into the ring. :p))
Both accepted :D
Name: Aliyara Stagsong

Race: Kaldorei

Age: Barely Adult

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Description (Without Armor and weapons): Tall, slender Night Elf, visibly very young, looking as a human would between ages 17-19. Her face is very soft and easy on the eyes, soft rounded cheeks with subtle chiseled dimples just under her, slightly, protruding cheekbones. Her hair is cut just shorter than shoulder length, dark blue locks falling just short of her jaw line, framing her face. She is oddly skinny, as if she hadn’t eaten for a long time, but no other signs of starvation evident, with a healthy skin tone and a modest amount of muscle. Naked, there are a few scars and burn marks in strategic locations, suggesting some sort of torcher has taken place in the past; there is also a brand of the Warsong on the hip-side of the right butt cheek.

Equipment: She is usually seen in some sort of dress and hand stitched leggings, but in a scenario of expected combat, she has a blue, hard leather suit of armor, matching that of Night Elf Sentinel Scouts (( Glyphed Set )). Clearly weak on the stomach, arms, and Pectineus of her thigh. As Weapons, she is capable with a bow, but prefers close quarter’s combat, wielding a curved short sword and a dagger for close defense.

Brief History: Aliyara Stagsong was born in Ashenvale, somewhere near Astraanar, her father a modest druid, following the Talon totem, and her mother an accomplish Sentinel. She was born mute, and even the wisdom of the druids was not enough to pin-point the source of her mutism. When she became of age, she took the apprenticeship under her sister to become a Sentinel. Due to her condition, she was never anything more than a scout or local militia.

Not long after the war in Northrend, Aliyara was caught on a scouting mission by the Warsong outriders. She was tied to a post for weeks, tortured in a multitude of ways. Luckily enough, her sister was a lieutenant, in command of a small guerrilla force in the area. She was freed in the chaos of a raid on the camp, but not without the death of many of her kin.

With this, she fled to the Eastern Kingdoms in search of an independent life to herself. She has traveled over much of the continent, making money anyway she can. She has grown fond of thievery and seduction, one complementing the other, making her a well-dressed and clean bum and street rat.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Desperate for money and feels she can earn a heavy set of coin with her training and experience.
Name: Edlothia Foxburr

Race: Human

Age: 25

Class: Scout

Gender: Female

Description: Dark skinned and black hair, and standing barely over five feet, little makes Ed eye-catching. Her green eyes are the most noticable, being wide, bright and youthful, sharply contrasting her darkened face. Despite her small stature and delicate appearance, her body shows a soft tone in her muscles. She's usually wearing a white, long sleeved shirt and black vest with a blue skirt when not equipped for battle.

Weapons/Armor: Merely a scout and messenger, Edlothia doesn't wear much 'padding'... Sturdy pair of boots, and a thick, soft, breastplate to protect her vitals, paired with similar pauldrons. She wears simple cloth trousers and gloves, preferring as little weight as possible to keep her movement free of restriction. Ed carries a pair of small daggers, kept sheathed at the small of her back. The sheaths each contain a paralytic poison within, keeping the blades moist for use.

Brief Backstory: Gilnean by birth, Edlothia grew up in the proud city of Gilneas, where her father served in the city guard. Charged with a small unit, he often used Ed to shuttle orders and letters back and forth, eventually offically recruiting her into his unit as a scout and messenger when the complaints and threats piled on him over using 'non-military' personnel. Her 'career' in her fathers unit was quickly ended as the nation began to split in civil war.

Her father joined in with the 'loyalists', disowning her when she refused to join him, instead vowing to aid Crowling in bringing down King Genn. She continued to serve as a scout for the Northgate Rebellion, until Crowley was finally arrested, derailing the rebellion. Soon after, the worgen invaded the walled off city, the Northgate rebellion was once again put to use, united this time with Genn in defense of their homeland. Edlothia watched as many of her friends and family fell to the overpowering monstrosities, and instead abandoned the fight and fled with many of the citizens to Duskhaven, and later, Stormglen.

The Alliance's arrival at the teetering point of the city's destruction gave her chance of escape as the curse bore down on the last remaining of the populace. Offering her service to to the alliance, she once again took up her position as a scout as they fought to retake the city from the worgen. She has since been sent to Stormwind, where she makes her home, continuing to serve as an alliance scout.

Why are you in the Brawlers Guild? Knowing she wasn't the most proficient in her combatant ability, a fellow house member passed her the invitation with the guise that it was a good opportunity to test herself...and make some decent coin on the side.
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Aliyaras accepted

Edlothia I know thats a copy and paste but you didn't do the points I wanted. Please check the OP and read those and answer those for sure! Otherwise accepted.
I'm writing... gonna play with an idea I've had over night.
Name: Allaynna (Allay) Kidrain

Race: Human

Age: 28 at death

Class: Death Knight

Gender: Female

Description: Short, standing around 5'5", Allaynna Kidrain's fit figure still poses an impressively threatening aura. Cold, ice-blue eyes as is typical of death knights gleam from her sharp features. Small nose and pale skin is splashed with freckles and scars, visible remnants of her past life.

Fiery tempered, and fast to anger but slow to forgive, Allaynna carries herself with a cat-like grace and aloof-ness. Her face is perpetually cool, showing nothing but the briefest flashes of emotion.

Typically, she dresses in loose clothes, breeches and shirts, under her heavy armor. She wears a single silver ring, and a gold one about her neck on chain, accompanied by a tarnished symbol of the Light.

Equipment: She wears relatively simple armor, heavy metal, etched with shimmering runes, a typically dark theme in the necromantic glyphs of the death knights. Death. Decay. Pain. Blood. Disease. And so on, the runes ranging from palm-sized to minute, and it is clearly a labor of love. Allaynna treats her sword with much the same respect as her armor, the large, two-handed blade is handled with a grave and agility that her small frame belies.

The blade is built in such a way that it's really a two-handed sword for the short woman, and her strength is clear in the way she wields her weapon of choice. As with her armor, runes gleam on the blade, and a perpetual hoarfrost covers it.

She carries a dagger, tucked into one boot, as well as another small knife on her belt.

Brief History: Born Allaynna Liams in Stormwind, her father died in the wars, and she was forced to care for her sister, Ellen, as their mother sank into her work as a priestess and her grief. At fourteen, Allaynna had made the decision to follow her father's path, and at 16, she began what training she could.

In the course of her training, she met Seth, whom she later married. Allaynna quickly rose through the army, earning a Lieutenant's rank by 28. Later that same year, she left her husband and a two-year-old daughter behind, traveling with a caravan to the Plaguelands.

At 28 years old, Allaynna Liams died, and Allaynna Kidrain was born. Raised by the Lich King, she took the name of a victim as her own. Under the Lich King's command, she committed acts as wrong as they get. It was killing her sister, then a priestess working closely with those opposing the Lich King, that she began the long struggle to free herself from who she had become.

Why you are in the Brawler's Guild: Why is she here? When the days stretch endlessly on ahead of you, and you don't know how you can bear living through it, or not, in her case, you do whatever you can to fill the boredom. When she heard about the guild, she jumped at the chance to fight, and win money.

((I'll get Kel's up in a bit, looking to do something with the two of them as a team, because I think it would be amusing to bounce their personalities off of each other.))
Fixed it for you, Khairn. :)
Question, Ashok: seeing as Moloch is a rather... well-connected, shall we say, individual, would the proprietors of the Brawling Guild ever use those connections to bring in some of the more exotic and deadly creatures Azeroth has to offer? Such as, say, Silithids, Vrykul, some of those winged serpents from the Blade's Edge Mountains, etc.
All accepted so far! ^.^

Also Ein that's already taken care of, while Moloch might have those connections the Guild already has those connections.

And with 10 active players I think I will start working on the IC thread and get it up.

The order of the brawlers is the current order of the sign-ups!

As each person finishes a fight and then comes and talks to a guard to resign up to fight they will be added to the list much like how it works in-game.

Thread is up! First opponent is Hogger! (I know kinda funny)

Spells: Throw Knives, Hamstring, Throw Dirt, Enrage
Passives: Small (Chance to dodge increased), Quick (Immune to stuns and interrupts)
Number of posts need to defeat: 2

This is how I will post enemies. The abilities they have will be straight forward most of the time, if not I will explain them like I did the passives. Please read these and treat them like you would in a boss encounter, they MUST be used in the fight, if they are not I will be forced to take control of the mob and force you to use. I don't want to have to do that so please be courteous of the fact that I am giving you some power here over the combat and do not act like you are a god.

Trust me when I say these early fights will be easy and you will win them quite quickly. As you progress through the ranks however the fights will get harder and harder.

On ranks: After 4 fights you win you gain a rank there are 8 ranks. Also there are ways to lose such as not beating the berserk timer, which some will hit and others I will force to hit just to throw a wrench in the gears. Don't get mad its just part of the game ^.^
We can post our character's reactions to fights, introductions, bets, etc., during the fights, right?
Yes you can! I hope you do!
Then I guess I'm gonna' work on a post!

EDIT: May be a longer post than I intended, but oh well!
Out of practice my !@# ein :P
I'm actually heading out, so I'll be putting a post up later tonight hopefully and then read up on the IC, if there is anything to read. I could put a post up now, but it'd be crappy, and I don't want that lol

I've been watching this thread for a bit but have been wondering whether to put a sign up or not.

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