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Chief Yip Yip

Abilities: Eye Poke (Pokes his opponent's eye causing them to bleed), Steal Pants (Steals his opponent's pants and wears them; unavoidable)
Passives: Monkey's Agility (Attack's quickly), Hozen Rage (Enrages after a short period of time)
Posts to defeat: 2

The pants thing doesn't really affect you, he wears them on his head and its mostly just something funny that the Hozen do. I'm sure, Ein, that you will do quite well making this hilarious. In your second post he will Enrage with Hozen Rage making him stronger and faster just make note of it however you feel best.
He'll enrage. Just after Moloch manages to corner him and get a couple more blows in.
I feel bad for Chief Yip Yip. He reminds me of those abandoned, beaten dogs in those ASPCA commercials.
I had some good chuckles at that post Ein haha
I was tempted to do the Three Stooges eye-poke-block with a "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk", but that's just not the kind of guy that Moloch is. Maybe if it was Wells. Or Hailla. Or even Varen. But not Moloch.
So sorry, I've had a ridiculous couple days. No internet at home so I'm posting this from a friend's house. Due to cable re-wiring going on in my apartment building this week I won't have internet until Thursday.

Sadly I'm going to have to drop out as there is no way I'm going to be able to reliably post until Thursday. Have fun everyone!
I'll make a post in the late afternoon of tomorrow, sorry!
I must say, interaction with someone like Moloch is the perfect thing to bring out Kalipsia's feral side. This is turning out to be quite an interesting situation. Also might not be able to post much again till later tonight or the morning, work schedule and all that.
Sorry for the small delay of my post, I have to take care of a slightly sick hedgehog :(

EDIT: Nevermind, just a near hibernating scare!
Keep up the good posts! I'm sorry to see Silv go though :(
Working on a post. On a side note, I think Deliane is the only one not annoyed with Moloch.
I feel a bit awkward with that last post. It wasn't really representative of Moloch most of the time: generally speaking, he's quite civilized. It's just that, at times (and especially early on), he can lose control and get these "urges" which are just easier to satiate than fight. After a few years of suffering from the curse, it's getting easier to control himself, but occasionally his worgen side breaks through.

That being said, he won't object to the fear and or/loathing (but especially fear) that his displays usually provoke. Especially since he figures that he'll end up fighting one or more of the other competitors at some point.
Zian, the Spectral Tiger
Abilities: Swipe (Lose 20% move speed), Eye of the Tiger (Attack speed increased)
Passives: Tiger's Fury (As Zian loses health he gains attack damage, hitting harder)

Kali here is your opponent, have fun with it :D
Heh, I had wondered if they were gonna bring out more of a crowd favorite soon, as all the fighters had near effortlessly won all their battles thus far, and you did not disappoint! I'll try to make it interesting.
Tyr, I'm going to have to bow out I think, unless you have patience until Saturday ish. RL is... a mess. Sh*t hit the metaphorical fan of life. I'll tag you in game tomorrow or Saturday and talk it over.
02/14/2013 06:57 PMPosted by Allaynna
Tyr, I'm going to have to bow out I think, unless you have patience until Saturday ish. RL is... a mess. Sh*t hit the metaphorical fan of life. I'll tag you in game tomorrow or Saturday and talk it over.

Saturday is fine I believe I don't know when you are up but I can shift the list around according to people's needs. A heads up is all I need :D
Alright, I'll stick around then. I should be in game tonight, and if not, I can probably at least get a post up tonight or tomorrow morning.

To be entirely honest, I haven't read the IC thread since Wednesday.
Not sure why, but I feel like this isn't one of my better works. I feel like I am too repetitive sometimes. If anyone has some criticism on any of my work to offer, feel free (if you want, that is. I am not trying to force anyone to evaluate my writing if they're unwilling).
I found it good Kali! The one thing I've found that is helpful is trying to use synonyms for the words I use a lot of.

Still waiting on Ein to post for Moloch before I post again.
sorry for not posting in awhile, this week as been hectic. I will work on a post today.

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