5.2 Ret paladin wishlist

This is just my personal Ret paladin wishlist for 5.2, for those of us that still cling to the hope of Rets in competitive PvP

-Repentence baseline for ret paladins, and instant cast (replace the Talent Tree spell with a ranged snare or something)

-Unbreakable Spirit becomes baseline for Ret paladins (get some other talent in place of it, Clemency + Unbreakable Spirit, lets us put out more Bubbles compared to Holy, giving us a semblance of usefulness)

-Reduce the damage increase on Holy Avenger from 30% to 15%, and give it a 1minute cooldown (give the people that don't want to rely on RNG Divine Purpose a short reliable cd)

-Divine Purpose has an increased chance to proc when "proc-ing" off a Critical hit (50-60% maybe?)

This gives us a decent toolkit to work with, not that amazing compared to other classes, but it makes us barely viable for RBGs, and instant cast Repentence will give us a much nicer chance in competitive arena

-10% flat damage reduction in Seal of Insight (Warriors have Def stance, DKs have Blood pres, all of our Prot Paladin's defensives come from passive effects, leaving ret with nothing)

-Avenging Wrath now also gives a spell reflect on first cast directed at you (stop dat instant CC inc with wings)

These are not major Defensive changes, but combined with our newly buffed heals (and hopefully Unbreakable Spirit? :D ) We will be able to survive the early pressure without prematurely having to Bubble

-Increase the plus damage done on Templar's Verdict (currently 275% wep dmg, plus 628. IMO should be up around plus 2k damage)

-Templar's Verdict, deal 20% of the initial damage dealt, as a (holy damage) DoT over 4seconds

-Reduce on-hit damage done by Seal of Truth, but increase the Censure dmg done when at 5-stacks

-Allow Templar's Verdict to apply 3-stacks of Censure

-Increase range of Divine Storm (8 yards currently, something like 12-15 would be nice)

-Guardian of Ancient Kings starts at 10% strength buff, and builds up to 20% (instead of starting at 0)

I've played pally since late BC and the way Ret seems to handle is a hard-switch, cleaving, mobile melee

And so its my feel that, while we do desperately need something to separate us from Holy (WTB A SINGLE PEEL FOR MY HEALERS) we are also lacking in damage. We do not have the ability to control enemies like Warriors and Rogues. I've found we handle alot more like a DK, and so I feel we would benefit greatly from moar dots

-Censure DoT hitting hard + TV DoT hitting hard + Double Jeopardy abuse + Regular damage, and we will have a relatively strong offensive toolkit

That's my Ret pally wishlist for PvP, I don't feel any of the changes would have a major effect on PvE (and Ret is currently middle-upper of the pack as it is anyway, we lack the cleaving abilities of other melee for fights like Garalon, and we lack the utility/damage of the ranged dps, give us a bone blizzard.......plus the TV DoT would combo nicely with our new 2pc)

Lemme know what you think of it, and list below what your 5.2 wishlist is.....and if we're lucky, maybe Blizzard will actually listen to the ret paladin community for once
01/30/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Ayfo
-10% flat damage reduction in Seal of Insight (Warriors have Def stance, DKs have Blood pres, all of our Prot Paladin's defensives come from passive effects, leaving ret with nothing)

I really like this idea. When warriors go defensive stance with their shield the damage I deal to them is reduced dramatically as they second wind themselves back to a fighting position.
I guess it doesn't hurt to dream.
i smiled ... the threads been alive over a day and hasn't been attacked by people.

i like the Avenging wrath wish
I would love repentance back as ret only, with its instant cast back, comes down to what would replace it though
...What if they just removed holy power? Our sustain damage is down. I think it would be nice to hit TV without building to it. Divine storm without wasting time building up to use it. I wonder if the change needed, is so simple.
i agree with 90% of the changes you listed except for the reduction on holy avenger i like having big burst :{
Avenging Wrath 2 minute cd baseline.

Guardian of Ancient Kings 4 minute cd.
I'd prefer to see clemency baseline for Ret (and perhaps Holy) rather than Unbreakable Spirit.

Currently, the Talent is pretty much mandatory for any Ret (and Holy) paladin wishing to be half-way useful in Rated PVP. We are forced to choose this talent over Unbreakable Spirit or Hand of Freedom because without it our value to an Arena or RBG team is severely reduced.
Some of this would be OP, but there's some good stuff in there.

I suggest posting this on the PTR forum where the devs are actively reading:

just increase ret self healing done

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