Race for the Warrior

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no, TAUREN! /fisticuffs
Alliance PVP: Human
Alliance PVE: Whatever you want, doesn't matter

Horde PVP: Orc & Undead
Horde PVE: Orc, Panda
Orc orc orc orc orc why is this always debated orc is by far the iconic warrior class.
Where the troll warriors at? :(
Dwarf for the beards.
You are all vastly mistaken.
Rule of tumb....

If the class you want to play can be a troll, make a troll.

We so sexy.
If you're going for fast and fluid animations with weapons that don't look gigantic huge(Fem humans) nor tiny daggers(Draenei, Blood Elf) go female night elf. I've tried them all, and they by far have the best animation with Female undead pretty close. But plate looks silly on female undeads.

I'd go tauren for the looks but man they are so slow(running and weapon swings) that it is annoying. Same for goblin, even though they are small and should have fast weapon ani, they are rather slow.
People like to claim that orcs are the supreme race for warrior DPS, but the truth is it'll never make any realistic difference. Sure the racial may very slightly improve your damage for a short while, but not by more than a few hundred points. That being said, it is not worth it to choose an orc just for the racial if you don't like how they look.

Now, I choose goblin because 1) the mobility racial is fantastic. I love having it when HJ or charge isn't up. I originally chose goblins for the aesthetics, but now that I realized how useful rocket jump is I'd never switch. 2) I like the look of fury/prot goblin warriors. If you're fury and using TG, your weapons are longer than you are tall sometimes. If you're prot, it just looks hilarious to be the tank and be so small.

I've always thought trolls look very very nice for warriors too. They have the right body build, in my opinion.
02/01/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Mcgoblins
If you're prot, it just looks hilarious to be the tank and be so small.

This is why I am a Gnome. :D

I usually like being a tank and being as small as possible in any MMO. In LotRO, I was a Hobbit Guardian. I love height sliders and wish every game had them.
Armor pretty much always looks best on humans, its always modeled on us. We also have the best PvP racial.

Goblins are "fun" just because their run animation is awesome and Rocket Jump is hilarious.

i dont like armour on humans....i think it looks best on a blood elf and a panda
Orc>ud>tauren imo.
The troll warriors be right here 'mon
Female orc is the way to go IMO. The axe-wielding orc warrior is the iconic look for the class/race. They look great in plate armor, they're not all that common so you won't see yourself coming and going all the time, and their racials (expertise bonus, attack power bonus, and 15% stun reduction) seemed to have been made with warriors in mind.

Just my 2 cents. Cheers!
Thinking of making a Warrior in the horde and I want to know what race is best in the sense of best racial, what armor looks like and just the best race to have jun with.

Your opinion please

Horde: orc
Alliance: Human for pvp, worgen for pve.

Best over all for pve - worgen. Crit is too sexah.
You're all silly.
02/01/2013 06:15 PMPosted by Hastera
You're all silly.

yeah aren't they i mean ya can't go wrong with a Blood Elf :P
You bears stop that.

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