{A} Max Threat recruiting for 25 man

We are an alliance guild raiding since vanilla. We are looking for all exceptional players to join us towards 25 man progression raiding. All classes are needed at this time as we are expanding our raiding team from 10 man to 25. Current progression is MV 6/6, HoF 2/6. Our schedule raid times are weekly Weds. and Thurs, 7-10 pm server time. Players are required to make these schedule times to maintain a raiding slot.

If you are looking for PvP'ing or a place to call home, PvP'ers and casual players are also welcome.

If you are interested and for immediate consideration, you can contact Skulleader, Kibbelsnbit, Hotgrape, Amaega or Rhinehard, in game or by in game mail.
As previously stated, we are serious about filling our ranks and possible merge with other guilds. It's a shame to see as many 10 man guilds spamming on a daily basis all looking for that elusive 1-2 people to fill their ranks. It's something to think about. PST if interested.
hmmm...i may be interested depends if you need a rogue or not and that your raid leader doesn't scream and disrespect the raider....
Darke - we are moving from 10m to 25m and could probably use any and all good dps. Will look for you ingame, or contact one us (Skulleader, Kibbelsnbit, Hotgrape, Amaega or Rhinehard) in game when you get a chance for more info.

Bump for all good raiders.
Our raid Leader and raiders are very respectfully of one another.... it is attendance and good team work that make a raid successful .... We as a guild are looking to become a 25 man again as we once were... Everyone wants to see all end game content .. but in order to do that we ask that you dedicate the 2 nites a week ... We are currently looking for all classes ... if interested pst or use in game mail and someone will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have .... HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON
Bump still looking for ppl to go back to 25m
Still looking for 1 tank, 2 - 3 heals (1 as offspec), 7-10 dps. Also consider a raid merge with another guild. If intersted please PST Amaega, Kibblesnbit, Hotgrape, Skulleader
List of what we need

Mele DPS
Rogue x1
Monk x1
Frost DK x1

Blood DK

Caster DPS
Mage x2
Shadow priest with off spec Heal x1
Boomkin x1
ele shammy x1

Holly pally x1
Monk x1

Will also consider any class / spec that is not listed but is looking for a good home we raid wed/thur 7-10pm server plz pst in game or mail in game
Bump Still looking for ppl for 25m

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