my turn to QQ

Seeing as how a large majority of the wow players(mainly rogues) are QQing about warriors(although I have more issues with hunter and not warriors) I figured it was my turn to try this out.

Ok, can we get rid of execute? I'm dieing more to execute then I do with a warrior popping all CDs and hitting me with Heroic strike. It's really quite annoying to live through a shockwave+burst only to die from execute.

Ok, now that I've said that I feel better now. :)

Also the revert to 2nd wind is freaking awesome.

Evasion. Except if you wait until you're in execute range, you're going to die anyways.
Also dismantle
Also vanish
Also KS
Also, if you're at or below 20% health, we really didn't need execute to finish you off.
01/31/2013 05:11 AMPosted by Paníc
I just wish Rogues had an Execute seems everyone has one but us make it cost 75 - 80 energy if necessary.

yeah? And I wish my primary attribute gave me crit as well as ap.

(I mean on my warrior, not on my mage, where my primary attribute DOES, in fact, give me crit)

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