Reason why Retribution Paladins fall short

I totally agree with OP. Hell, I'm a freaking PvE hero and I can still see how they screwed this spec up. It makes me sad, because Ret Paladins are my favorite to play in the game, and it feels like Blizz doesn't even give a crap.
Ret damage wise is in an ok spot. Which is where they SHOULD be. We're a hybrid class, which means we damage a little, heal a little, and continue this process. As of right now the ONLY problem I have is healing which is getting buffed next patch anyway. Well, that and we have a lack of % defensives which I wish we could have more of. :/ ret scales incredibly well with gear. I've pretty much been topping charts in random bgs, yah sure in arenas it takes a bit longer to get defensives popped in arenas, but once they are our cools rip through them. I have a feeling later on in the expansion were going to be in a much better spot, if not just in the next patch. Just my personal thoughts tho. I love the mechanics of ret now, I love the numbers is see even if they aren't 200k crits, and I just in general love ret, so I'm gonna play it no matter how bad of a position we may be in. :D
I agree with the gimped part and the OP's frustration with Mists. Cata was fun for paladins. Not as fun as pre-wrath. I would rather have 2 RNG or none at all. Filler moves are not part of a fun rotation.
01/31/2013 07:28 PMPosted by Invincible
Inb4 pve heros telling one of the best pallys on darkspear he's doing it wrong.

Say what you will, everything he said basically boiled down to an arena guy nerd raging about not being overpowered like other classes that are getting nerfed next patch anyways.

While PvP rants have their place, the way he presented this is the very definition of QQ.
02/04/2013 11:40 PMPosted by Mortruf
the way he presented this is the very definition of QQ.

I liked the passive aggressive tone to the post. And how in the first sentence he insults the people he is trying to get his point across to.

I hear the devs like being talked down to when asked to review class balance. Really makes them want to take players seriously.

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