<Lights Vengeance> PvP guild recruiting!

<Lights Vengeance> is a hardcore PvP guild now recruiting.

The first hardcore PvP horde guild on the server. Making core RBG group(s) and looking for dedicated players. Multiple glads coming from Tichondrius. Join today and meet this bloodthirsty community!
We have the experience, leadership, and determination to bring a group of people to 2k+ in rbg's no problem. All we lack is you!

We are not looking for people who are already glads or anything like that. We are looking for people who enjoy pvp, who want to be 2k+ and most importantly are willing to learn (I can not stress this part enough)!

Our guild is filling up, the rbg's will start as soon as we have enough!
If you would like to get in touch with the GM, that's me. Just pst me in-game or send me mail via the game.
Yeah bois, I'm still curious to see these gladiators though...

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