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Hey everyone. I just relocated to Hawaii and I don't think I'm going to be able to participate in guild events very often as I'm currently on a Central server. So, I was curious as to if I would be better off going with an Oceanic Server for HST, or if I should try to find a PST server that raids very late at night...

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?
Hawaii is 21 hours behind AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) which is what the Oceanic servers operate at.

You will easily find a New Zealand based guild as they are 23 hours ahead of you, the times will be close to identical, just a day apart.

There are New Zealand based guilds on pretty much every single Oceanic realm. I know we have guilds here that raid starting 5-6PM server which is 8-9PM for you.

We do speak English on Oceanic realms, just make sure you don't apply for a Singapore or Phillipines based guilds as they might prefer to speak another language.
Awesome. Thank you so much. =)

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