A small idea for Hunter's weapon...

I'm guessing a lot of hunters might have thought of this idea, might have been mentioned long time ago maybe...
Have Blizzard thought of duel-wielding hunters like the Demon hunter in D3?
Duel-crossbows, duel-pistols, and Bows, Rifles would be considered 2-h weapons.
Would it be too much of work for them to add a whole new set of weapons for hunters, since they're busy with the new Titan project? I don't know but just a small idea that I personally would like to see in hunters.
The idea has been brought up by a lot of people in the past but most of the hunter community rejects the idea or disagrees with it because its more loot to clutter up loot tables which blizzard wanted to end after wrath.

In the end it would only be friendly in pve not pvp because assuming on how they would make it work is like 1 handed swords, maces, axes, and daggers where the white hit cap would be much higher then a two hander. None of our specs have a passive or ability that requires us to attack an X amount of times or to get an auto attack to get a proc for a ability.
I would like to see some kind of dual hand gun type deal. I mean, if rifles can be made; no reason some hand guns couldn't.

I would absolutely hate to see dual wielding bows/rifles/crossbows though.
The very notion of dual-wielded crossbows gives me an ulcer.

No, scratch that.

It gives me super-cancer.
02/01/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Tulyn
It gives me super-cancer.
i lol'd
02/01/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Kirino
Have Blizzard thought of duel-wielding hunters like the Demon hunter in D3?

duel welding hunters would be cool, dual wielding not so much
Duel wielding bows, how the hell does that work?
02/02/2013 07:49 AMPosted by Farsightrx
Duel wielding bows, how the hell does that work?

automated bows maybe?
We don't need another weapon type that will only be used by a small percentage of one class. Agi swords, Daggers and Ranged are bad enough. As the game stands right now it doesn't make any logistical sense.

However, if another ranged wielding class was added, it may be a possibility.
automated bows maybe?

but you'll need to install a device to the bow; at which point it should probably be called something other than a bow, and calling it a crossbow wont cut it. so unless you are Goro from mortal combat you wouldn't be able to effectively dual wield bows.

you need at least 1 free hand to pull the string
I just want a ranged enchants (scopes) to give my bow neat looks like weapon enchants do. Then I'll be happy.
Well if he can do it why can't we?


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