Defense at Niuzao Dailies

Dear Blizzard, While it's nice to have mobs re-spawn at a rate that allows me to complete my quest rather quickly it would be equally nice if I had a moment to loot the 30+ said corpses I already killed beyond what was needed for the quest, collect the weapons they dropped before the scavengers do, collect the food you placed ever so close to them, and heal that nearly dead Panda before yet another 10 mobs aggroed upon my person. Sincerely, 1 of the people who puts money in your wallets. The respawn rate of the Mantid at this temple is ridiculously high for how low it is on the injured pandas and food.
I completely agree with you. They need to adjust the spawn rate to where you stand a chance to get your loot and complete at least getting 1 weapon or healing 1 panda, etc. I don't think they need to hand it to us on a silver platter by any means, but the respawn rate coupled with the sheer amount of mobs out there drives me nuts.


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