Level 90 Twinks

Level 90 players with arena ratings should be excluded from regular battlegrounds similar to the philosophy used for lower level twinks. To enter a battleground and be punished and brutalized by overgeared arena players just is not fun. Let the rest of us enjoy the battlegrounds without being subjected to sadistic arean players who prey on average folks just looking for a few hours of enjoyment.
Arena has nothing to do with "twinking", and as soon as there is room for players to level - they will be.

Every player at the end of an expansion that does not have access to the next is put into the "twink" bracket.


90 is no different in that regard. When the next xpac comes, if they choose to stay 90 they'll be separated.
Currently, everyone 90 is automatically placed into "XP off". Arena is not the sole cause, and less so in 5.2.

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