Rate the Paladin Transmog above you Pt. 2

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Nice set , How can i not give 10 ,hes got eye patch


I approve this =D
I love the tabard^^ It matches perfect with the set
I would say 10/10, since ours are similar. I just couldnt find a helm I liked and the crown is so over used.
5/10... score would be much higher if you were wearing a shirt!
7/10, score would be much higher if you didnt tell the be ladies to put on shirts xD
02/20/2013 12:30 AMPosted by Dän
7/10, score would be much higher if you didnt tell the be ladies to put on shirts xD

Don't be lazy and get the shoulders and helm xD

Also use armageddon with that set :D

i have the shoulders and helm, i just dont like them nor do i like a poopy giant anime sword that looks like its held together with black electrical tape :P lol

i really like your mog a lot, its pretty sick ^^
Nice mog outside of the chest. I feel it's used way to much and to much "Purple" for me. But the shoulders are prolly my fav for pallys that I've found so far, until today I recently came across
Dawnsteel Shoulders :O

8.5/10 , digging the tier 6 pvp shoulders :P , and nice chest -_o

just did a new transmog, nothing too fancy, i just like the yellow/black/gray combo

edit: just noticed my weapons glow doesnt show in the armory :*(, thats like the whole reason i use it
Nice, I wish I could see that hammer glow too, in Armory it looks off, but in game it must look better.

Shinka looks ok with my set, but gathering mats for Sulfuron Hammer or perhaps Splinterspear Greatsword

@Bionix, grats on the Crimson Eye! I love it in my set too, seems to be one of the few viable headpieces where I can show off my glorious bald head without hiding my helm.
I am in love with that eye patch. Be nice to my mog, it's the first step in my slow move away from Judgement. Next patch can't come soon enough, the swords/axes/maces being interchangeable is literally made for me :(

edit: why doesn't it show the libram from the PvP belt!?! that's the best part!
8/10 Nice mog
Nice oldschool set but i think you should change the hammer for something else. Something more like Sulfuras maybe? 8/10
Love the hammer, never been crazy about the floating head circles although i get it. 8/10
you rated the person above me instead of myself :(
lol we did it like seconds apart, i always liked that tier you have and well, who can argue with thunderfury! 9/10
8/10... that sword looks great!
I for one welcome our new white robot overlord 8/10 for axe and blet
9/10 for using mostly just 1 set, all matches except Sword and maybe shield (cant really see shield)
7/10 some pieces just don't seem to match up properly with the others, but isn't too shabby anyways

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