Rate the Paladin Transmog above you Pt. 2

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I find that set ugly, yet awesome at the same time. Then you put it on a dwarf and it multiplies those 2 things into something glorious...

Well done...

Nice overall, but I'm not feeling your weapon's colors. Loving the tabard, though. 8/10
7/10 Shield could use a bit of work
mmm Dark Paladin theme , nice look im gonna give you 9/10.
Those pieces are very dificult to drop % chance from ICC.
Big fan of the gold CM gear. i also like ICC 25m dk lookalike set
Big fan of the gold CM gear. i also like ICC 25m dk lookalike set

9/ 10 great choice of sword to go with the challenger armor. the helm looks a little too big imo but its not ur fault =P
9/10 me likey
^9/10 Hawt
8/10 just b/c i feel like the helm does not fit
8/10 just b/c i feel like the helm does not fit

It looks a lot better in game, here's a pic I snapped with my phone:

i get many compliments. :P
Me me me!

Don't worry, I'm losing the tabard soon, after I get exalted with this useless faction.

Oh yes, Above me: Ahn 'Qiraj is fun, kinda buggy, but fun. Not hard to complete, so 7/10.
@colmag 6/10 tabard doesn't go well, no cloak, and i myself prefer this sword with that set. =p

@malradora 8/10 until tabard is replaced. and apparently you never tried to get the gloves for the AQ set took mine forever to drop.
^------ If a box of Trix were in armor set in WoW, that would be it! I wore that for a few months before retiring it. 7/10

My sword glows blue from pve enchant, and red from pvp enchant

Since I have changed my appearance earlier this week, I get so many whispers when I am in Shrine or Org.
@Makkir 9/10 That saronite set matches the hat and the sword nicely; just the right shade of crimson and sleek enough to give it a ninja-esque feel. Though it's not viable now, I think a pole-arm would be much more appropriate for that look.

Mine is not nearly as badass as most in this thread.
10/10... I think you did an awesome job of making a horde-looking paladin set.

not bad, 7/10

Looks good! 9/10 because shoulders are slightly off color.
@Vansir 9/10, that's a good look :) Just cant really tell how well the axe goes due to the angle.
8/10...I personally would have used a different mace.

My cloak doesn't really match...waiting for an ornate cloak to drop in the AH.

P.S. Does anyone have a good shield idea for the gold brutal set from Sunwell(not the T6)? I have mogit and have been looking through a ton of skins, but I can't find anything that really fits it.

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