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But, premades are ruining random bgs. If you want to pvp with your friends either get 5 more together and do rbgs or go play in arena. I'm sorry, but this is getting out of hand.

And before you say, "Well then, why don't you make your own premade?" It's kind of hard to do so when I know only 1 other person who even wants to bother with pvp and he'd rather do arena. That and I tend to get on late at night when everyone's gone to bed or they're just logging off.

Seriously, make a separate queue for premades so they can fight amongst themselves.
02/02/2013 09:25 PMPosted by Conser
make a separate queue for premades so they can fight amongst themselves.

Are you putting forward a constructive idea? That's like suicide around here.

I strongly agree.
I think bots ruined random bgs more than premades did.
02/02/2013 09:36 PMPosted by Demoniclily
I think bots ruined random bgs more than premades did.
Yup and players fighting in mid, playing about as well as bots.

02/02/2013 09:25 PMPosted by Conser
Seriously, make a separate queue for premades so they can fight amongst themselves.
Yea make premades compete as RBGs for BG rewards while the solo players drool all over their keyboard for the same reward. Makes perfect sense.
Simple. Raise the reward, then, if that's what it takes. More than random gutters, and less than Full RBG. There should be some middle value payment you'll accept?
A full premade vs a full premade is an RBG, so of course it would be 400 conquest.
Of course.

What about a partial premade of 5 pre/10 pug in a 15 man vs a 5/5 premade/5 pug?

One has a distinct advantage. Neither is a full premade. This occurs more often. What mid level payment would suffice?
Blizzard is kicking around the idea of 5 man RBGs. I would guess that they would earn 200-300 conquest per win. I'd be up for those.
I'd prefer random bgs not allow any premade groups.
02/02/2013 10:13 PMPosted by Sarvan
I'd prefer random bgs not allow any premade groups.
I'd prefer that the average solo player wasn't a bot, horrible or ignoring objectives all match. I guess we can't have what we want can we.
02/02/2013 10:11 PMPosted by Tooskosa
why cant people just que with 5 in a group?

What if you had like 8 random people online in your guild? Why shouldn't you be able to group together for a casual fun random bg? If it was 8 random people who happened to be online at the same time, it would be just like a pug group, but you'd get to play with some friends.
I'm just returning after a long absence. All of my previous friends are out of the game now. Have only met up with one person in the bg's - who whispered and added me, so we could run together in the future.

It's not the fact that people want to run together that is ruining the random bg's. It's that they want to run together, in full conquest gear, on voice communication, and with a particular group composition. Think of it as practice for Rated BG's. Or honor farming. (though i think motes are easier to get elsewhere.)

If Randoms are supposed to get you ready for rateds, there are a number of things that could be done - and still allow people to play with their own groups.

Restrict the gear. Dont allow any conquest gear into a random. Period. If it's your inventory or equpped - you shouldn't be able to queue, whether singly or with a group.

Mandate group compositions for randoms. So many melee, so many ranged, so many healers. Too many premades enjoy a huge advantage here. A couple of healers, a couple more capable of doing so in off spec, and find a nice juicy pug with zero in both categories.

Make the push to talk feature easier to access, this wont help counter that advantage that much. Not all pugs are going to have a mike or headphones. But it would provide the opportunity to offset an enjoyed advantage.

And premades will still have the upperhand. Guaranteed teamwork - and from people used to working together.

That sounds like a lot of work for little gain. Might be better to just completely restrict it. Pugs for pugs. Rated battlegrounds for groups.
whats ruining random battleground is healer imbalance.

i cant even count how many bgs i zone into and horde has like 3- 5 more healers than alliance.

i pvp both sides

always horde 3-6 heals, ally 0-2

rarely the other way

when blizz puts in a system with each team having equal or within 1 amount of heals than pvp will start to shape up. until then MoP goes generally something like this "team with more healers wins 99% of the time"

end of story on MoP random BG's

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