Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux

Moon Guard
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SoS has Council down on 10man.
Einherjar is 2/12 ATM almost had council downed had sul dead and other 3 were around 15% so close so should see it downed next week.
Archangel is also up to 2/12 10M.
Insurmountable Odds downs Tortos (25). Megaera, here we come!
SoS is 4/12 on 10man
Archangel up to Tortos. Council finally down tonight. 10M.
Undaunted is past Tortos and onto Magaera.

Unfortunately, we only raid 2 Magaera will have to wait until tuesday night.
Insurmountable Odds downed Megaera tonight.
Lei Shen down.
(A) Unstoppable is 6/6 msv 6/6 HoF 4/4 Terrace and 1/12 ToT
No Quarter also has Council and Tortos down on 10 man.
Insurmountable Odds killed Ji-Kun (25 Normal) tonight. (6/13 ToT).
Stopped being lazy, killed Assembly of Troll Council of Elder Horsemen or something.
A bit late, but <Forthright> got Heroic Jin'rokh tonight.
[H] Shattered Oath (10N) put Jin'Rokh down on Thursday.
No Quarter downs Megaera 10 man.
Forthright has downed Heroic Ji-Kun 10.
No Quarter downs Ji-Kun 10 man.....

Durumu sucks.....

Comfortably Numb is now 4/12 in ToT.
Insurmountable Odds killed Durumu on 25 Normal tonight.
7/12 Normal 25.

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