Pwn Shop 9/16 HM LF HPaladin or MW Monk

Pwn Shop 9/16 HM 10 Man
Raid Days/Times; Mon, Tues, Thursday 8-11pm server (9-12 EST). Pwn Shop is a tightly knit group of raiders that have been together since Firelands, our best tier was Dragon Soul where we finished 28th on Illidan. We were in the top 30-40 on the server last patch and are looking to put together a better group so we can have a higher rank in 5.2

Battle-tag: Greywarden#1675

We try and do an optional Sunday for non progression bosses here and there, but this is not a mandatory raid night at all. Progression is saved for our main raid nights.

Raid Times
We raid 3 times a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11pm server time and expect everybody to be on time for close to every raid. We try and throw in a completely optional Sunday here and there but it is not mandatory at all, we save progression for the main raid nights. Obviously real life outweighs Wow which is completely understandable, but close to 100% raid attendance is required especially for initiates.

Our Healers and DPS are all great and they even rank on WOL but having to always carry that one slacking person has become tiresome and we are now looking to replace. Below are the classes we are looking for:

Classes we are Looking for:

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk

What is expected from a candidate
At the moment we are trying to fill up a core spot that we believe will be best filled by a Paladin or Monk. We are currently looking for candidates that have some HM's down but would definitely consider people who are 16/16 normal if they are exceptional, logs would be required in order to accept somebody with no heroic kills. Since we are in the middle of progression we are not here to take anybody's alts and gear them up/carry them. We obviously need people that have high raid awareness, dedication to the guild and do their homework on both the bosses as well as their own class. The worst thing is having a candidate coming into a raid and having never seen a video or not knowing that there was some dramatic change to his class the night before. The second worst thing is having somebody come and expect a carry for their alt.

If interested, please in-game mail/whisper Greyywarden, Greywardenn or Trixxpat or you can apply at

Battletag to bypass application process:
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I do not fill the requirements for your progression raid, but I was wondering if your "optional sunday raid" could possibly use a holy priest. Perhaps one of the current heals doesn't need/want to be around on Sundays for content that they do not need. Just thought I would ask as I am new to the server and looking for a raid. Anyways thanks so much for your time in reading this, and if you do have any questions please feel free to contact me.

**I could also then be used as a backup healer if needed**

The optional Sunday is something we try and do as a guild here and there,...and if we can't do it with at least 7-8 people we don't do it at all. That being said, you are a bit under geared and have very little experience to use in our current roster, get that ilvl up and get some HM kills and we can revisit this option :)

As stated, I just rerolled here. Just looking for a fresh start, and as I'm sure you know all PUGs require 480+ or so. Just thought it was worth a shot to try getting into someone's alt/optional raids as LFR has not been kind to me. Thanks for the quick response, and goodluck finding a new healer for your main roster!
Good luck to you too!
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