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Necromancer Class
Lore-to be written, unsure yet as to how necromancers will join Alliance/Horde.
Class Description-Primarily based off of Diablo 2 necromancer with a few modifications. Many argue that a necromancer is already in World of Warcraft in the form of a Warlock/Death Knight, but the necromancer I have designed shares very few, if any similarities to them. Necromancers will use Bone Shards as their primary resource, a mixture between the Burning Embers present in the destruction warlock and a monk’s Chi. Bone Shards can be spent either as a whole bone or by little amounts at a time by the three different specializations, Lifebender, Bone Magi, and Summonmancer.
Class Specialization
The necromancer will be split primarily into 3 specializations, each performing its own special role.
The Lifebender specialization will be the healing class, draining life energy from enemy mobs, which generates Bone Shards and using abilities which either cost mana or Bone Shards to reconstruct and reform the flesh and bone of their allies. Bone Shards can be spent to heal over time, or heal in large cooldown bursts, like a Chaos Bolt for Destruction Warlocks, but for healing.
Bone Magi
Bone Magi revolve solely around casting spells with bone. Bone magi can use Bone Shards to cast powerful bone spells, and use minor spells costing mana to generate bone shards. Some spells used by bone magi from bone shards could include a powerful bone shield defensive cooldown or a powerful channeled barrage of bone shards.
Summonmancers do exactly what their name says, summon minions. Unlike an unholy death knight or demonology warlock, summonmancers minions aren’t permanent nor significant. Using bone shards, summonmancers can form bone warriors and magi to fight for them, similar to Diablo 2. Also, summonmancers have abilities that increase their pets damage on a specific target, along with using spells similar to a demonology warlock like Shadow Bolt to keep them busy.
Specialization names are DEFINITELY not final. I will put more thought into it in the time to come.
Talents, Example abilities to come

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