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Ok, so I was doing some tests for Prot Pally PvP and wanted to know what the community thinks. And please, no "Prot pally pvp suck boooooo", its fun, its a thing, its happening.

First is the battle between Harsh Words and Shield of the Righteous (SoTR). I love the sheer power of Harsh Words, but SoTR is the only ability that makes use of Mastery, and has a HUGE damage reduction once used for a small time. One option is Replace Glyph of Harsh Words with Glyph of Word of Glory for the +3% dmg increase per Holy Power used, and make use of SoTR. Or, I could reforge/gem/gear up having Mastery as one of the lowest stat priorities and replace SoTR with Harsh Words.

Then there is Glyph of Immediate Truh. Censure for Prot doesn't do crap, and Glyphing for the Immediate Truth increased my DPS by about 2.5k, insane! So that will probably stay.

Then there is Glyph of Focused Shield, adding 30% dmg to Avenger's Shield, but reducing the targets it hits to one.

In essence, SoTR or Harsh words?
Thoughts on Focused Shield?
Or, since I discovered how useful Seal of insight is for living longer, perhaps take away Immediate Truth and add something else into that mix. Maybe Battle Healer or Alabaster Shield? Although I have my doubts about Alabaster Shield.
Soooooo I did some tests, Shield of the Righteous and Alabaster Shield both feel pretty useless, so I went with Harsh Words in place of both Ability and Glyph.

I have also begun testing it in combination with Glyph of Word of Glory, and Focused Shield. So far I am topping DPS charts in the 1-4 positions, my deaths are among the lowest, and objectives are very easy to take/hold/capture, relative to usual difficulties with other classes I have played thus far.

Its viability in Arenas and RBGs has yet to be tested, but in duels and BGs, its pretty win like this.
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tank paladin don't have space on lvl 90 pvp.
prove it
Much as I am loathe to admit it (considering I love the idea of tanks in PvP) it's not a viable spec. Your survivability is tied to staying in melee range and provides only physical damage mitigation, leaving you completely vulnerable to any caster. Prot damage also relies heavily on Vengeance to be competitive with other tanks, but Blizzard conveniently removed it from PvP altogether.

Utility and healing are also non-existent compared to holy or ret. Your healing depends on stacking bastion of glory, which will take a while in PvP, and only works when healing yourself. Because you don't have Vengeance, Sacred Shield won't scale at all and absorbs less than an auto attack per shield tic. Harsh words will end up being the most damage you can do as prot, but it doesn't scale with Bastion and only deals about as much damage as TV without the benefit of the damage reduction from the glyph.

Plenty of suggestions out there to make the spec viable, but as it is, prot has no real value for PvP outside of duels against melee.
Your glyphs should be Beacon of Light, Flash of Flight, and then whatever you'd like.

Yes. I purposefully mentioned Beacon of Light. Take the hint. Respec.
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prove it
My wife is addicted to Prot Pally PvP since WotLK, and we do our 2s to CP cap every week with her as Prot Pally. Have yet to run across another Prot Pally in arena this xpac, but with dedication she has managed to gear to full Mal purely as Prot. For a while we suffered along together with her doing 3-6k dps every match, and I didn't much mind carrying her with my feral. After a lot of tweaking, she's averaging around 12k dps in arena and 30k on a training dummy (w/o Vengeance, obv). She can burst around 40k on training dummy in pvp gear. I won't bother sparking a debate about how much dps one needs to become "viable," but there are the numbers so everyone can decide for themselves.

What we did was macro'd Harsh Words to Crusader Strike and also to Judgment in a castsequence. Since WoG has no global cd, she just double taps her HP-generating abilities for a free (in terms of time) single-HP Harsh Word: always cast that Harsh Word during your global cd. She also took the Divine Purpose talent, and this is the reason for constantly spending that 1-HP Harsh Word - it maximizes the Divine Purpose proc for what can sometimes become a string of 3-HP Harsh Words, like a mini Holy Avenger burst which is unpredictable. Crusader Strike and autoattacks account for about 15-20% of her damage so the rest is ranged, except against double-melee where Consecration pulls ahead. She self-heals more than most dps specs in RBG's just with Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield, and Holy Prism - frequently topped only by the healers. She doesn't use Shield of the Righteous at all and rarely uses WoG for healing. The fact is, those two skills are overkill for survivability since you're tanky from Prot passives and have plenty of other options for self-healing. This makes Prot playable and enjoyable again so long as you're not expecting to break the ratings. Her glyphs atm are Final Wrath, Harsh Words, and Dazing Shield. Generally I'd recommend avoiding Glyph of Focused Shield and Glyph of Focused Wrath in favor of AoE CC and the chance for multiple crits. Obviously avoid Mastery... in fact just go ahead and unbind SotR. Battle Healer has been very lackluster with its limitations. I'll have her try out Immediate Truth because 2.5k dps is indeed compelling for Prot.
Templars verdict glyph, the shield daze and flash of light or the turn evil 1

only ones Id use in pvp

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