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Looking at upgrading my PC, financial aid and tax refund in hand, I have a decent amount of dough to spend (although I am a college student, so let's not break the bank).
Just wondering what would be best to upgrade.

Intel i7 920 cpu, overclocked to 4.0 ghz
6 gigs of 1600mhz ram
1 tb 7200rpm HDD
EVGA GTX 570 gpu
EVGA x58 LE SLI motherboard (LGA 1366 slot, x58 chipset)
Am I forgetting anything relevant?

Anyway, what will I get the most bang for my buck out of for an upgrade? I have around 1500 from my tax return, but I'd prefer not spend all of it O.o
My psu is a corsair gs700, so 700 watt (overkill i know) 80+ certified psu.
Ram, like i said is 1600mhz, and 6 gigs of it (2x3). My cpu cooler is a custom loop i built, so its a 3 fan radiator with its own reservoir and tubing. keeps my i7 running at about 28C when gaming, so it's good.

So I'm looking at an overhaul then? How does the GTX 570 compare to the 660ti and 7950?
Pick up an H60 Water Cooler and see if you can overclock the CPU to 4.5GHz-ish and pick up a newer graphics card. Other than that I don't really see a reason what you really need to upgrade.

Your PC is still pretty solid.
660 TI is about 30-40% stronger than a 570. So you'll only see about a 10 FPS increase in most games if that. It also uses about 60 less watts too so lower power consumption.

I honestly don't see a reason to upgrade unless you want to build a brand new PC and use your old one to just live stream.

ALSO - The 660 TI doesn't work well with higher resolutions, so anything greater than 1080p the 660 TI will suffer compared to the 570.
So do you think it's worth it to grab a water block for my motherboard and throw that in on my cooler loop then? My issue if I try to push my processor past 4.0ghz is the NB starts to overheat on my motherboard, because the i7 920 doesn't overclock very well, the MB ends up doing a lot of the work.
To be honest, I wouldn't upgrade your CPU + motherboard yet. Wait for Haswell. Also, don't buy a new water block + etc. until Haswell arrives.

In fact, I wouldn't touch anything on that PC -- it's great as it is. If anything, I'd throw in an SSD.
Thanks for the advice guys. Been very helpful. I guess I wait!

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