[H] 10man guild looking to recuit more!

Hello! Orb is a 10man guild currently looking to reform its core raiding group with some new healers and DPS. We currently have 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday starting at 9pm and usually ending around midnight. We tend to be a laid back and (mostly :p) mature guild but have decided to reform our core raid group to try and get 16/16 down. We're looking for players who:

-Are mature enough to not cause drama and such, but still be able to have goofy fun.
-Know the fights or be willing to learn them.
-Have situational awareness and are able to adapt during boss fights.
-Know how to play their class

If you're interested, message me, Flintok, or Lucid and we'll talk about getting you in!
can do heals/shadow

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