What is the haste breakpoint number?

Currently I am in disc spec because it is what i use for Heroic dungeons and daily grinding(along with a few bosses in norms). But I am usually a holy priest. I hear about all of these breakpoints for holy to increase tics and heal more in divine hymn etc.. but when do we stop? currently if I add 1 piece of gear that is sitting in my bags i hit unbuffed 12.50 haste...is that too much? since i also play disc using the same gear should i unforge back into some mastery to get a good balance for both specs?

before anyone shouts " omg he reforged out of mastery as a disc priest, let it be known i use both specs with same gear, and am well aware that disc priests need mastery.
What should you stack and reforge? A lot of this really depends on your spell breakdown: what you are casting, how frequently, and how effective it is. Generally speaking, want to reach the first breakpoint for Renew (unglyphed) which improves its HPM. Then determine if the breakpoint for Lightwell & Lightspring is reachable, provided you are seeing good results from those spells (which you should), then consider hitting that breakpoint as well of 4,716 raidbuffed. You will notice that HW: Sanctuary's 3rd added tick is 4,716; so if you can reach 4,716 you should likely also be able to hit 4,717. After that, you are only a few points shy of the Renew (glyphed) breakpoint of 4,721 and should be able to reach that.


Which brings up a good question: What impact does Haste have upon our Glyph decisions?

The Glyph of Renew affects your Renew breakpoint. Glyphed renew always has a higher HPS than non-glyphed Renew, however haste can affect the HPM if one (glyphed or unglyphed) reaches a breakpoint and the other doesn’t. When glyphed, the first breakpoint for Renew is 4,721 (raidbuffed) and when unglyphed it is only 3,039 (raidbuffed). This means, if you can hit the 3,039 breakpoint, but cannot hit the 4,721 breakpoint you likely should not glyph Renew as your unglyphed renew would have 5 ticks, and glyphed renew would have 3. (albeit 33% stronger per tick) Since Mana conservation will be king in MoP, you generally should maximize your HPM and adjust HPS as you become more comfortable with your mana consumption.

Of course, if Renew is auto-refreshed via Chakra: Serenity, the HPM is dramatically improved.

3,038 Haste or less, Glyph Renew for better HPS and equal HPM.
3,039-4,720 Haste, do not Glyph Renew for better HPM
4,721-13,160 Haste, Glyph Renew for better HPM/HPS

From: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1613

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