2h frost, sitting on KM procs for runes?

Death Knight
Is this really the best way to go about 2h frost DPS?
first things first

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Character is on hold for now lol, but he's going to be my next 90.
http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1244303-2H-PvE-Frost-Killing-Machine-Do-you-feel-lucky ~ via Euliat

TL;DR - Minimal gain, potential big loss. Not recommended. I suggest disregarding Killing Machine completely for 2H frost PvE.

For leveling it's easier to do, though. Your haste is rarely going to be to a point where rune regen feels fluid. It's not a habit I would support picking up though.
What I've been doing is leaving about 2 runes at 100% the rest charging, and get a swing timer if you don't have one already.

Heck, if what I'm doing wrong I'd love to know.
The problem with sitting on any runes is in some sense your wasting resources. (if the runes are not spent, they are not regenerating) Also the chances of your KM proc over writting itself. I will wait a small amount (under a second) for runes to refresh and use Oblit. Frost strike still hits hard, and I dont see it as a "wasted KM proc."

So yes Id sit on KM for oblit to be up again, if its less than a second, if not Im hitting FS, and chances of having another KM proc, by time your oblit is up, are pretty high. And by doing so, you just hit a FS and an Oblit, back to back, and both were crits vs a few white numbers with an oblit KM at the end.
It is. By holding those runes you aren't using them to generate RP, to generate more runes. With any significant about of haste this will lead to a situation where you're not getting your maximum amount of resources out of a fight. If you're holding a linked pair of runes you're not regenning them at all which is a pretty big resource loss.
I've been spacing out my FS with my swing. If it does not procc KM, I hit Obl only if i have more than 2 runes sitting, otherwise I hit FS and wait for the next melee. If the next one doesnt procc KM I hit FS again. However if I get KM, I use those runes and usually by the next melee swing(KM) more runes are off CD.

So the consensus is, don't do this at all? Spam the recources as soon as they appear? >.<

Edit: I will try it out on the dummy tonight and if i break my average dps I'll use it in raid.
Yep, use everything you can when you can while following the priority system.

It's still important to follow the priority and not get too spam happy lest you use your resources poorly (IE; you're hammering on your frost strike key even if you have the runes to obliterate during a killing machine proc).

The problems you encounter while not doing this aren't quite as noticeable with low haste, but with the possibility to acquire 16,000 or more haste (during a Darkmist Vortex proc, 20% of the fight) this tier without stepping into a normal mode raid the "too much haste to not spam" bar is too easily accessible to, in good conscience, suggest playing otherwise.
Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I will try it out when I get home.

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