looking for a good pvp guild

Holy pally, Destro Lock, and Ele Shammy looking for a good pvp guild. Looking for a fun friendly guild, who gives everyone the opportunity to participate in guild activities and RBG's.

Ele Shammy is currently working on a Shadow Priest for next season, we all have many alt's that are geared and available to the group as and when needed... healer, Flag Carriers and a Mix or Mele and caster DPS

we all have previous RBG experiane and have transferred to this sever in the hopes of gaining high rankings as our old sever was a PvE sever and there was only 2 active RBG teams on horde, we are all sitting around 1800 rating and some of us have had expirance up to 2k rating in the past
Currently gearing this guy. Wouldn't mind joining for some pvp in 5.2 (not geared for much right now). Usually play Feral, willing and capable Resto.

Hit me up in game :)

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