* Protection Pally + Prot Warrior LFG's

Emerald Dream
I am a 482 protection pally (control / haste build) with 2 set bonus, LFGuild. My friend is also similar ilvl with 2 set protection warrior, LFGuild as well.

We are both experienced in MSV all fights on our tanks, HOF 5/6 (on other characters).

Add me at Volhard#1509 please.

Unavailable from 7:30 to midnight (PST) on Fri's and Sat's.

Please message me in-game, I wont be following up on these forums as its a pain to go through each when I don't have a chracter on the server.
What times are you guys looking to raid? We can use 2 more people with appropriate gear levels for our current progression. But we are a very late night guild 2am server until 4:30am Sunday night/monday morning to thursday night/friday morning.

We are currently 4/6 MSV, and starting HoF progression tonight.

Add me in game @ Trust#1817

or search Vudulicious
Yeah I will carry you

I expect my pay in full

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