After turning in quest To The Valley!

Bug Report
...I am supposed to have two helpers that assist me in the quests Lor'themar Theron provided to me: Ranger Orestes and Aenea.

However, Ranger Orestes spawned a duplicate -
Instead of two helpers, I had three (awesome for killing stuff but definitely not intended).

I logged out of the game world and then logged back in. Now I have only one helper, Aenea. I ought to have Aenea and Ranger Orestes (one of each) assisting me, according to the emotes.

Lor'themar Theron says: Orestes! Aenea! You are to accompany Aliok on his mission.
Aenea says: Yes, my lord.
Ranger Orestes says: Another mission with Aenea? If I must.

Edit: Leaving the Valley of Emperors and returning caused Ranger Orestes to respawn as a helper along with Aenea. I now have the proper number of helpers.

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