(5.1) Holy Pally Stat Cap for Arena

All the information I am asking for is going towards Arenas, mainly 3v3's and a little 2v2's.
I recently got back into wow and was wondering what caps Holy Paladins have.
Such as if there is the Spirit cap? Crit Cap? PvP Power Cap? Haste Cap?
If so what is the soft cap and hard cap? (If there even is one)
If anyone could answer me it would be very much appreciated!
P.S. I also wanted to know if hit even does anything for Holy Paladins
first gem all resil (except for the head). (or gem the hybrid gems to match sockets, all with the +160 resil as the other stat)>

get all the spirit you can.

then get all the mastery you can.

crit, haste, and pvp power are weak for us.

you don't need hit.
Mastery vs Crit in PvP is all preference. Personally, I go for Crit. Mastery is nice in PvE, where the burst isn't insane and damage is pretty consistent. In PvP, it feels like recreatable tissue paper.
(Disclaimer: This is from my experience with my bracket, which is low. Any high-ranked players are more than welcome to correct me,)

Depends. First thing is that Int > PvP Power point for point. I think there was a post over @ Skill Capped that PvP power outscales Int @ ~29,000 SP. I'm nowhere near that and I don't know if that's quite possible yet.

From what I understand, HPal typically runs best in "go HAM/mongoloid/swifty/veev" kill-them-in-2-min-or-less comps. KFC and TSG come to mind. I don't find HPal's particularly well-suited for the long game and Resto Shamans fill that role a bit better with caster cleaves.

I think you need to gem around your static comp, to be honest. I tried the full Resilience thing with TSG. They typically tunnel my DK and force a bubble out of me with the CC-train, then they can decide whether they want to score the kill on my DK or hard swap to me when my bubble is down. That being said, I didn't find resilience helping me in either of those scenarios. Either they put so much overwhelming pressure on my DK that I wish I gemmed for higher output heals, or they hard-swap to me when bubble is down and no amount of extra resilience would save me from a hard-swap.

I don't run KFC but I'm assuming that it's run similarly. Most people I've seen sit on the BM Hunter, and that's what we do. Then apply CC pressure to the HPal and try to force trinkets and bubbles when they go HAM on a dps, and then hard swap after bubble goes down or kill the BM. Again, I don't think full gem resilience really helps there either.

I don't know how ranked you are, but I found that in the 800-1300 range people just train HPal's from the start. I've been getting focused significantly less as I climbed up.

With ALL of this in mind, I personally gemmed throughput. I don't go terribly out of my way for spirit because my comp doesn't warrant it. I'd rather have resilience or output if it came down to the 3. We go hard in the very beginning or we lose. There's really nothing defensive or long-game with KFC or TSG.

If you end up running with casters and they're opting for an HPal as opposed to a Shaman/Druid, then I'd consider it.

Pretty much, figure out what comp you're running and then gem accordingly.

As far as I know there isn't an overt cap that everyone has to hit before they can even begin PvPing.
Thanks for the replies. I will take this information into consideration when I gem/enchant my gear.
7-8k mana regen in combat is all you need, afterwards just try and get as much Int, Crit, Resi, Mastery/Power as you can, Haste is meh.

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