SMF fury in pvp

anyone try it and have any luck/fun? I got tired of arms and went prot to run some RBGs and I figure i want to try fury as well. would SMF work better or double 2hers
I personally love the TG... Cosmetically and because of the damage.. SMF I have heard has better burst damage considering they are faster.. But having those heavy damaging 2H on each grip isn't just roses and dandelions either. So from my perspective not the true DPS perspective I'd go 2H, though i have read that SMF is just a little bit more superior then TG in burst damage. Your call big guy, whatever makes you feel sexy. DO it. :)

Have fun and good luck
from what I've read TG is ridiculous when CDs are popped and you lolstorm, anyone else have any insight? I figure I could get BOTH, then just switch as necessary (i know the internal CD, I would switch ahead of time, smash win button, kill everything insight and go back to onehanders.)
Your better off going with one or the other, dont waste conquest/enchants on getting both.

TG has big AoE damage which is good for Rbgs. SmF has bigger burst and single target damage which is good for arenas.
hmmm okay okay, since I already gemmed prot I'll stay for RBGS, and I'll pick up another slicer for arenas I happen to do.

edit: my gemming for prot all right? or should I be gemming straight resil?
i dunno my guess would be stam resil and straight resil on yellows? Again i dunno
Switch the gem in your belt buckle to straight resil instead of stam/resil.
I'm wanting to play SMF Fury but I have no idea where to start. Are there any tips I could get on abilities, CD's, Proc, bleeds, and other important things about Fury?
01/31/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Drunkenfluff
from what I've read TG is ridiculous when CDs are popped and you lolstorm, anyone else have any insight?

It can flatten entire groups. Glorious.
TG is better for pvp imo (not counting the higher cost of weapons)

1. Colossus smash, raging blow, wild strike all hit harder with TG. TG has more burst. The better execute of SMF doesn't really matter in pvp especially if it just ends up being overkill.
2. Higher aoe damage, and TG bladestorm hits really hard.
3. 2000 more stamina than SMF, not thought about in pve but obviously very good for pvp.
more parry too from the extra strength and more resil, since the resil isn't unique like the power is. Unless you have a pve weap for the main hand...

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