Therapists (H) 12/12 Recruiting!

Honestly if you are a disc priest I will pay you to join.
oh why didnt you say you needed a hpally when we have a nightly love making sessions, i wouldve levelled one up for you
Sorry my blood wasn't in my brain most have slipped.
Still need two healers
resto shammy would be awesome
still looking for 1 more healer or ranged dps
Resto shammy/ resto druid still needed
Still could use a Shammy/ Holy pally
Still recruiting for 5.2
Just killed Lei Shi
Heya Hey whats going on
494 Arms Warrior Looking for a good Raiding Guild. I have raided On many toons over the Years
From Healing on my Priest and Paly
To tanking on My DK and Paly
and Playing On my Mage and Most of 5.1
Evert toon i play i learn to the best of my ability as well as learing every aspect of the fight


(Paly Priest and Dk) are on a seperate account) i can jump on other account if u need Proof

Just Looking for a Good Raiding Guild To have fun with in 5.2 and hopefully Beyond
Pst me In game or on my BattleTag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)
A few dps spots opened up come join one of the last 25 man guilds!
still have a few open spots
Please add Caramon#1782.
503 Shadow priest LF guild to join for progression in ToT.

I have a few questions but I am intrested in joining! I also have a possible resto druid that might want to come if progression is good!

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