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Howdy, just a question, what would you describe as how a troll would become a monk/how they would act/etc. in a RP standpoint. I am planning on making one and would like some input if possible. Thanks in advance for any comments!
I actually have a 90 troll monk female, and its awesome animations

that aside monks in general dont have much lore to back em up, aside from pandaren, dwarfs possibly because of brewmasters

so, i always thought of my troll monk , as sort of a "villain" kung fu character, since trolls have that island/craziness background

it would work especially well, if u went duel wield claws, and dont glyph for jab
If you spec'd as mistweaver, I think it would be pretty cool actually. I've always pictured mistweavers as being extremely spiritual and even primal/shamanistic in the way they simply manipulate the water that's in the air to heal and work your chi which seems like a very trollish thing. It doesn't completely answer your question, but that's my input :D
I pictured troll brewmasters on a jungle brew of sorts thats gonna be the basis of my lore.
Same way anyone became a monk. Taught by Pandaren, or taught by someone who was taught by Pandaren. Or so on and so forth.

Think about how that could fit in with jungle remedy stuff, Witch doctoring, Shadow Hunting, and Loa worship. If anything in Troll lore captivates you, go ahead and look for a way to mix it in.
I have a friend in-game who lived out on an island that was destroyed during the Cataclysm. He washed ashore on the Wandering Isle, and was sheltered and nursed back to health by Pandaren monks.
If you've ever read the book "Shadows of the Horde", which is Vol'jin's story of recovery after Garrosh tried assassinating him, you'll come to understand that Vol'jin actually learned some of the monk forms as part of his recovery.

I am sure, that on returning to the Horde, and after the defeat of Garrosh, that Vol'jin would have openly encouraged his people to learn the monk arts as he experienced how effective they are. In fact after reading "Shadows of the Horde" I am certain that the trolls would have been the first of the Horde races to adopt the monk arts. It just seems to make sense.

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