Hit lower in wow-heroes then in game?

I am confused. When I check my character in wow-heroes it tells me my hit is 6.47% ? Same in my profile here? but when I am in game it tells me it is about capped.
What should I do? Believe the profiles here? or try to go over it in game and go to where it will say 8.5% in game and 7.5% here in my profiles?
Not 100% if the Draenei racial is taken into account.
I'm assuming the website doesn't take your Draenei racial into account, which adds 1% hit. So you need 6.5% (or slightly under, 6.47% is fine) from hit rating if you are a spacegoat with a hit racial, regardless of what website you're looking at.

The question I have is... wow-heroes is still a website? I had no clue people still used it once that whole "gear score" thing became irrelevant.
Wow-heroes updates from the Blizzard Armory, which does not calculate Draenei Racials, but does count Weapon Specializations of other races. Continuity from Blizzard? Hell no.
Ahh okay that makes sense then. I wonder why Bliz doesn't fix that in their profiles. Thanks guys :) <3

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