The Brawler's Guild (IC/Closed)

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"GREETINGS ONE AND ALL! TO THE GRAND ARENA OF THE BRAWLER'S GUILD!" The announcer shouted, a small pixy looking Goblin, her voice amplified by a small mechanical device in her hand that sent the sound through large metal boxes spread throughout the arena. Crowds of people stood, some sitting, in the stands watching and looking down into the arena at all the fighters lined up to fight and the small ten by ten meter box built for the fights; just hundred meters of space was all that the fighters were allowed and it had proven to be the defeat of many a brawler in recent times.

The crowd was going wild, the combination of bloodshed, strength and skill at arms gave the crowd a much needed outlet for its built up tensions. A fact that the Brawler's Guild had been quick to use to their advantage, allowing bets to be placed on the fights with odds never favoring the champions who fought. The tiny Goblin smiled as she stared out at the crowds, her free hand upheld to them trying to quiet them as she tried to announce the series of fights that were about to take place.

"TODAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE AN ARRAY OF BATTLE-HARDENED BRAWLERS FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD! HERE TO TEST THEIR METTLE AGAINST THE MEANEST, AND BADDEST WE HAVE TO OFFER! FOR NOW ENJOY FINE DRINK AND FOOD AND START PLACING THOSE BETS!" A short peal of laughter filled the air as she lowered the microphone and turned on her jetpack, flying into the air and around the hundred meter arena several times before landing in her appointed spot above the fray.

"So hun, how much ya think we are gonna make of these chums today?" Pixie Coinwrench asked, her employer and lover Galleon Goldscrew who was puffing on a cigar behind her. A short chuckle escaped the other Goblin and he rubbed his greasy little hands together, "Oh we are gonna make a killin' today babe! These bums don't even know what's gonna hit 'em! Hah! I can already smell all the gold we are gonna get outta these guys! Can't believe they are lettin' us use Gurubashi Arena though, man this is gonna make a killin' for the Guild!" His voice was as slippery as his words, the glint in his eyes showed that he was here for the money and just that.

It was probably this reason that the Guild hired him to do its event; but Goldscrew didn't care, he just wanted some quick cash. "Let's see that roster shall we? I wanna know what kind of brawlers we are dealin' with today babe." He said as he pulled out a clipboard with a large stack of papers on it.

The top piece of parchment showed a list of names the first ten highlighted:
  • 1) Ashok Longshadow
    2) Alabron Stargaze
    3) Moloch Von Zinzer
    4) Kalipsia Darkfang
    5) Xian Li Honningbrew
    6) Donothil and Deliane Sunblade
    7) Li-xue Inkpaw
    8) Aliyara Stagsong
    9) Edlothia Foxburr
    10) Allaynna (Allay) Kidrain
  • As the two Goblins read over the list of names Pixie giggled a little and checked the arena floor to make sure that the first 3 fighters were all there, nodding to herself as she saw them. "Alright hun first three are here so let's get crackin'!" She said excitedly as she picked up the microphone and turned her jetpack on, the thrum of power vibrating along her frame as she accelerated into the air.

    "Ladies and gentlemen! The time has come for our first fight! A Rank 1 Brawler, Ashok Longshadow! Let's take it easy on him since its his first time here with us!" She said, the crowding roaring with laughter at the human's rank and the fact that the Guild wanted to go easy on him. "Let's see who we have fighting him... A gnoll by the name of Hogger!" Pixie finished with a loud laugh, landing back on the platform as Ashok was teleported into the arena along with his opponent.

    Ashok Longshadow

    "Ladies and gentlemen! The time has come for our first fight! A Rank 1 Brawler, Ashok Longshadow! Let's take it easy on him since its his first time here with us! Let's see who we have fighting him... A gnoll by the name of Hogger!"

    Ashok shook his head at the sneers and laughter, he knew he would have to prove himself here which didn't bother him in the slightest however when they named his opponent as a gnoll he snorted himself. "This should be interesting..." He muttered to himself as he shook out his arms and pulled Ragnarok off his back, rolling his neck in a circle as he was instantly teleported into the arena by magic.

    Re-orienting himself, Ashok started across the Arena at where his enemy now stood and he lowered himself into a fighting position. A smile slowly spread across his face as the countdown was given...

    "3... 2... 1... FIGHT!!!!"

    As the Goblin said fight Ashok rushed forward, the wind howling past his ears, as he reached down at the Gnoll but was a little too slow as the Gnoll dodged and tried to stab him in the legs. Quickly moving Ragnarok to parry the blow, Ashok reversed his direction and kicked out at the tiny creature sending it sprawling across the dirt of the arena. The crowd was going wild, both sneering at Ashok and happy to see the first blow land.

    Ashok turned to face his opponent and instead of charging blindly into the fray he walked forward his weapon held at his side in a ready position. Hogger was having none of it and quickly started throwing knives at Ashok, which the warrior proceeded to dodge and send spiraling off in different directions away from him.

    'This is going to be fun...' Ashok thought to himself as he yet again closed the gap between himself and the Gnoll and locked blades with the creature, overpowering it with his size and forcing it to fall back again.

    Moloch von Zinzer stood at the edge of the lowest tier of the arena, his unnaturally golden eyes carefully observing the ongoing fight past an aquiline nose and strands of lank black hair. A gloved hand swirled a glass of red wine around an elegant glass. The noble took a sip as the gnoll started throwing knives at Ashok.

    "Evaluation, Sergeant?" he asked in a posh, supremely confident voice with the barest trace of a Gilnean accent, never once turning his head away from the engrossing duel occurring on the sandy floor of the arena. The man next to him was clad in a suit of chitinous-looking, dark purple and burnt-orange bladed armor, save for a completely unarmored head. The forty-or-so year old veteran continually scanned the tiers with an expert eye as he responded.

    "Longshadow's armor is very well made but worn, suggesting that he is a high-ranking but former soldier." If the noncom was at all bothered by the blazing heat, he gave no sign. Down below, the ex-paladin landed a kick on his opponent, knocking it to the floor of the arena. "He is clearly experienced, but relies almost entirely on brute force. No finesse, really. In conclusion, advanced training, knows what he's doing, out of practice."

    "My thoughts exactly, Sergeant." Moloch replied, idly fingering the hilt of his rapier with his free hand. In the arena below, Ashok charge at Hogger again, driving the other back a few paces. "Top marks, as my friend would say. It would appear that this is indeed going to be a relaxing pastime."

    "Sir, is this really a wise idea?" The sergeant asked deadpan, still intently looking at the crowd. "We are rather exposed, and there is still a price on your head."

    "Oh, pish. This is a perfectly safe recreational activity, and you well know it. Now, do be a helpful chap and go place a bet on that Longshadow fellow winning outright. Twenty or so, nothing major." The noble brought reached down to the table next to him and passed an ample purse over to the sergeant. Without any expression on his unarmored face, the soldier took the purse and made his way along the stands towards the nearest betting area. Moloch leaned over the railing, watching the fight and, more importantly, the other fighters in his tier.
    Kalipsia stood near the edge of the arena looking inside. She watched the man fighting, studying how he moved and fought closely. Her attention turned to the gnoll and the worgen sighed. "I wonder if the poor thing ever stood a chance to begin with," she said aloud to herself. "Is he toying with the beast, or can he not finish it off easily? I would think the former, considering where we are. Must put on a good show."

    As the human began to overpower the gnoll she turned away from the arena, suspecting the fight was nearly done anyway. Her eyes scanned the tier of the area for other combatants, spotting a man with a glass of wine looking at the fight. Something about this person unsettled the warrior, and she decided to keep her guard up around him. I'd better not show them everything at first she thought to herself.
    "This is ridiculous... we should be on the ship where we know we won't get killed. At least there we have a few meat bags to throw in front of us in dire situations! Here, we're all sorts of open, Donnie!"

    Donithil merely sighed quietly as his twin sister, Deliane, kept rambling on about how fighting in the Brawler's Guild was a bad idea. He had heard about it on the ship, which was their home now. She should be getting on Two Toothed Larry's case and not his. The dwarf knew just about all the gossip, and this was a major one that everyone around him had wanted to hear about.

    "So there I was, right laddies, ready ta git me that nice lass, when all o' a sudden, she vanishes on me like some frog jumpin' outta' yer hands! I chased her down, but she kept runnin' off like some wee scamp! When I finally caught up ta her, she had entered this pub... I t'ought we both had 'ad enough ta drink, but nooooo! She wanted more! So, I'd give her more, maybe ta lighten' her up."

    "Larry, this story is taking quite some time, don't you think it-" Gizmo, the ship's engineer, had interrupted.

    "Ah SHUT IT! Lemme' finish my way or I won't finish at all!"

    The crew hollered in protest, Two Toothed Larry crossing his arms until someone nudged him, pressing him to continue. "Alright! Now, anyway, when I walked up ta' da' pub, they said no! They wouldn't let Ol' Two Tooth Larry in! I tried barterin', arguin', flattery, ya' name it, I tried it! The guards just wouldn't lemme' in ta' get ta' the lass. When I returned ta' me own pub, I asked the barkeep, and he gave me the whole rundown. It was the Brawler's Guild."

    "The Brawler's Guild?" "What's that?" "Sounds dangerous." "What do you do?" "Brawl, obviously, you idiot!"

    Deliane had then stood beside Donithil, who listened intently and quietly to the tale. She nudged him with her elbow, the twin raising a brow at her. She wanted him gone, away from the tale so not to intrigue him further, but it was too late. Now, they were about to hear the profits they could gain.

    "Aye, ye' brawl and that alone. And make bets, but 'eh, I'd rather keep me money. Ye' get ta' brawl the toughest, gnarliest, monsters and people out t'ere! If ye' win, ye' get money o'course and ya' go up with the Guild. But if ye' lose... well... yer dead."

    The crew got silent, and that's when Donithil left.

    He had his suspicions with the Brawler's Guild. The higher up in rank one gets, the more money received. And that's exactly what he was here for.

    Deliane finally shut her mouth when the Sunblade twins arrived at the Gurubashi Arena, slinking up the stairs in their armor, weapons hidden but ready to kill. When they had reached the guards, Donithil immediately flashed their invitation. It only had a few specks of blood on it, Deliane trying to keep it as clean as possible when they had found it off a man they robbed. They knew exactly what he held and hence the reason they went after him. All of this, just for Donithil, and Deliane wasn't pleased with it.

    "And for her?" One guard asked, letting his eyes rove over Deliane without a care if they noticed.

    Deliane let him; maybe it'd make it easier for them to believe the invitation. She had to fiddle with the words on the parchment within the envelope just to fit both of their names. She was lucky she had had to forge and mess with documents for the ship all the time, so this one was quite easy.

    "It's for the both of us." Donithil replied, handing over the invitation without any complaints. The guards only nodded, shaking their head next at seeing the invitation.

    "Head right in... don't let this pretty thing get killed." The peering guard said, the twins ignoring his comment and allowing themselves in.

    The Brawler's Guild was exactly what they were told. There were people surrounding the arena, cheering and shouting, either for the fighter or for his opponent. There were stalls selling various items: drinks, food, a betting table, even things to throw at the fighters. Deliane curled her lip, thinking it rather disgusting to have that much disrespect.

    Donithil and Deliane didn't take many steps into the Guild when another guard stepped up to them. They both kept a calm demeanor, knowing now was not the place to let their troubles and worries show. Now they were strictly business.

    "As your first night here, you are required to fight. You've been placed on the list upon your arrival." The woman told them, already sensing they were newcomers. The twins merely nodded, stepping away from the crowd of people and deciding to find a calmer area of the arena to settle down in.

    They both found a quiter place, away from the riled up betting table, still having a good view of the fight. Deliane fiddled with the trim of her hood, the piece of armor always covering her head, her blonde locks poking out from beneath it. Donithil eyed his sister hand on her hood, then clicked his tongue once. The two stopped after that, allowing their own small language to each other hang in the air.

    Alabron sat in a higher seat of the arena. He was watching the fight between the man and the gnoll. "Gnolls? Why don't they throw some murlocs while they're at it! Bah! I should be able to make quick gold with competition like this." He thought all this to himself. He shook his head and sighed, "But do I really have to give a good show? Hiding my identity would be a sly way of keeping the audience's attention.

    He stood up and walked over to the the two goblins running the show. He politely spoke out, "Hello friends, I was wondering if I could change the name you announce me 'Hotshot'?" He looked at them curiously if they were willing to do it or not.

    While he was waiting, he looked around as he watched the audience and the fight. He looked for other brawlers. He then noticed Sin'dorei twins walking past him. He noticed as both walked past him to find a quiet spot to sit. He then looked back to the goblins as they were about to give their answer.
    Ashok Longshadow

    Ashok grabbed at Hogger's jerkin and picked up the tiny creature, the crowd going wild when he did. They thought the fight was now over with Ashok having such an overpowering advantage. But what they didn't expect was Ashok tossing the smaller creature into the ground just a few feet away, a bestial roar echoing across the arena as Ashok tilted his head back to the sky.

    The sound of it was filled with both pain and rage, the pain was hidden slightly though only those who were clearly paying attention would hear it. Hogger slowly got to its feet and turned to throw more knives at Ashok but as the Gnoll threw a knife a large sword was suddenly protruding from his abdomen. A howl escaped the surprised Hogger as it realized it had lost. The crowd was on its feet going crazy, Ashok looked around with some disgust.

    Ashok moved over to the body and flipped Hogger off his side onto his back and slowly slid Ragnarok out of the creature, the sound that the blade made as it exited the wound sounded like a child pulling on the last drops of liquid in a cup through a straw. Ashok grimaced inside his helm as he held his blade up in the air, giving the crowd exactly what it wants, the sight of yet more blood upon the weapon.


    Pixie Coinwrench clapped excited as she grabbed the microphone, "What a bloody fight! Good work Ashok! Now we have for our next fight we have Alabron Stargaze! He's new here at the Brawler's Guild so let's go easy on him!" Pixie said, glancing over at the two burly guards who were even now pushing the Night Elf away from the Goblins' "VIP" box.

    The crowd was sneering again and laughing, "Let's see what we have for Alabron... And look here! Its a crocolisk that we found! Introducing, ROCKY!" Pixie said as she thrummed her jetpack into the air and made her rounds around the arena. The Night Elf hunter being summoned onto the arena floor along with his opponent Rocky, the crocolisk.

    Rocky was a hulking creature, about 15 meters long and covered in muscle, it'd be best to avoid that hulking mouth.

    "3... 2... 1... FIGHT!!!!!" Pixie said and the crowd went nuts.

    Ashok Longshadow

    Ashok looked over at the crocolisk and sighed, he knew the Night Elf would triumph there wasn't a question in that these fights were designed to get the crowd's blood going and give them a bit of money so they would spend more money on the later fights. It was a game, a very underhanded game, but Ashok knew it was how he was getting paid so he didn't care. A guard walked up to him and handed him a small bloody pouch and nodded. "Good fight warrior, talk to any of us when you are ready to fight again." The orc said in rough common, Ashok nodded and pulled his helmet off.

    Sweat covered his head, the sweltering heat of Stranglethorn Vale making him sweat like a pig over a fire. Pulling off his black gauntlets and setting both the gloves and his helm on his belt, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and went to get a drink at the small bar. "I'll take a whiskey straight please, lots of ice." He said dropping a gold coin on the bar from the pouch he had received minutes before. Ashok then turned his head to watch the fight.
    Aldiran walked into the entry way of the Gurubashi Arena. He looked down at the worgen bodyguard. The worgen raised his brow at the large man and coughed a bit nervously, "Invitation?" The tall elf reached into his plated pocket and pulled out a bloody invitation. The guard nodded and he walked in. Aldiran looked around, he grinned underneath his helmet as he saw the large audience.

    He looked into the arena as he saw a man fighting a gnoll. He smelled the air around him. Ale, mead, mutton, sweat, blood, and success. He chuckled to himself and nodded. He then walked to a stand and ordered a strong ale. He placed a silver piece down and nodded. He looked around for a seat.

    He found a more quiet spot and noticed to sin'dorei near his spot but didn't bother to intimidate them. He sat down and smiled to himself. He took off his helmet to take a sip of his ale. He let out a guffaw of approval. He loved it here. "I can't wait to fight!" He spoke loudly to himself. He was a proud elf to be here and see the things with his own eyes.
    Alabron was teleported into the arena. He sighed as the goblin gave away his name but shook his head. He turned around and noticed a large crocolisk. He sighed again and nodded. He pulled out his bow and an arrow. He examined the beast's body for a short moment, looking at how it's rough skin acted as an armor. He shrugged his shoulders and shot an arrow at his snout. The crocolisk roared as the arrow stuck on the side of it's snout.

    The crocolisk charged at him quickly and tried to chomp him with his large jaw. The elf quickly dodged it and got on the beast's back. Rocky then began to frail back and forth to try and get the steady elf off. Alabron held on until the beast tired itself and slowed down. He then got another arrow ready and aimed downward at the crocolisk's eye. He shot it, piercing it in an eye, rendering it blind.

    He then hopped off Rocky as it roared in pain. As Alabron stood straight, he turned to get swiped in the back. He growled lightly and shook his head. He ran far from the beast slowly. He then loaded three arrows into his bow and shot them, one hitting the beast's forehead, the other two hitting it's legs. He smirked as the beasted roar in irritation. Rocky charged at the elf again, hopping to ram the man against the wall.

    The elf jumped high and landed on the crocolisk's head again. The elf grinned as he took an arrow from his quiver and just began to stab the top part of the beast's head. It had little effect so he decided to put the arrow with his bow and shot it into the beast's other eye, making Rocky blind completely.

    (Post to be continued..)
    Kenneth watched the fight trying to guess what the Night Elf would do next. He gave a small laugh when the crocolisk got hit in the eye. When the Night Elf blinded both eyes he joked to himself, "An eye for an eye."

    Kenneth looked away from the fight and around the arena. He thought to himself, "I wonder if I pay that Goblin enough she'll put two fighters against each other, maybe the two Worgens, that would be entertaining." He checked a small bag and four copper was in it. He said to himself disappointed, "Now only if I had the money to bribe the goblin."
    As the worgen had suspected, the gnoll never stood a chance. The human had easily defeated the beast before returning to the floor with the other fighters. Next an elf was put into the ring, fighting a massive crocolisk. Kalipsia smiled and looked over the monster's thick hide, hoping that it might be a more entertaining fight, until the elf blinded the creature with ease. She sighed and walked away from the arena to sit beside the human who had just concluded a battle.

    "You were showing off," she began as she took a seat beside Ashok. "It looked to be a pretty easy fight. Not saying I doubt your abilities, but it almost seems like these first ones are made for us to crush our foes with little trouble."

    The worgen glanced over her shoulder towards the man who looked like a noble, still unsettled by him for some reason. When her attention returned to Ashok she continued, "The name is Kalisia. I take it yours is Ashok if the announcement is anything to go off of."

    While the warrior tried to appear calm she couldn't help but feel tense, waiting for when her turn in the ring would come.
    Xian Li let out a groan as she wandered through the forests of Stranglethorn, she hadn't enjoyed her first trip through this place, the jungle was far too hot. Her tan face was matted with sweat, it was times like these she regretted not bringing her dragon turtle with her, but she didn't have time the dwell on that, she was late enough as it was.

    After a few more minutes of walking, Xian Li could see a large collesium come into view, the Gurubashi Arena, a ruin of a once mighty empire or atleast that's what she had been told during her travels. As she moved closer a faint roar could be heard echoing from the arena, the roar grew louder and louder the closer she got, until it was close to deafening when she reached the entrance "Invitation" on of the large bodyguards asked, Xian Li rumaged through her pouch and pulled out a rather messy peice of parchment, blood and alcohol stained the crumpled, light tan paper, she held it out for the bouncers to inspect, statisfied they steped aside and allowed her to pass.

    The roar seemed to quiet slightly when she entered, she assumed it was a magical enchantment allowing spectators to talk with out the need to yell over the rest of the crowd. Xian Li began looking around to find any other combatants, she saw a few assumuing they were the only spectators that were well armed. Several Humans, two Blood Elves, and two Night Elves she thought as she continued to look around getting slightly nervous as she did, there were alot of people here, she had never battled with a crowd this big, even her training fight at the monastaries only drew a handful of watchers. She spotted the bar and smiled "Perhaps a drink will calm the nerves abit, and I won't have to open my last gourd." she muttered to herself, she opened her small coin purse and took inventory of the dismally small sum remaining, five silvers and the only reason she had that was the sale of herbs she had made during her stop in Darkshire, Hopfully it will get me something she thought making her way over to the bar.

    "Give me the strongest you've got for five silvers." she told the bartender upon reaching the bar and placing the last of her coin on the counter, she noticed another human and a wolf creature, Worgen if her memory served, already at the bar, the worgen appeared to be attempting to make a conversation so she didn't say anything to them, instead she looked over her shoulder at the fight while she waited for her drink.
    Aliyara sat upon the stone steps of the arena, the hot sun beating down on her. The wet air of Stanglethorn vale was not what she was used too, having not been in the arena once yet, already sweat droplets cling to the exposed skin of her neck and lower back. She sat on the stone, leaning forward, her elbow propped up on her knee, setting her chin to rest in her palm. A shackle on her wrist ran a chain cresently to her backside, the end of which was locked onto the bridge of a small notebook, tucked away in the back of her belt.

    She watched as the human left the arena, and one of her kin took his place, squared up with some-sort of river beast. She purses her lips to one side of her face with lack of interest. She never found fighting all that entertaining, and she wasn't all that concerned with studying the techniques of each fighter. She rather adapt to circumstances in the moment, than to gear herself to overcoming a specific technique.

    With a heavy sigh, she reaches back, and retrieves the small note book from the back of her pants, opening it to a blank page and letting it rest in her lap. She takes a thin bit of charcoal to the pages, rhythmically glancing up from the pages, as she records her sights in an image, gauging the details before the scene changes. Soon, she’d have an outline drawn out of someone particular from the crowd, crude sketching’s of the arena in the background.
    Deliane heaved a sigh, leaning back in her seat with her arms folded across her chest, her leg dangling over the other, showing her thigh to the whole arena. Donithil raised a brow at her, scowling at her skin showing. Her skin always did though, in an inappropriate way, and he never liked it. He wanted to protect her from all the men that had hit on her, but how could he when she continued to dress like that? There was no way around it, so Donithil had given up on protecting her from flirting men except when absolutely necessary. Deliane could always handle herself. It still didn't stop him from trying to get her to cover up every now and then, though.

    "You know, it'd probably be best to cover up. That way, when in the arena, you won't get injured as easily." Donithil suggested in Thalassian, trying to take the easiest route, as he had before.

    "You know, I usually fight in this armor. I have plenty of times." Deliane retorted, narrowing her gaze at her brother for a moment, then relaxing yet again. She elbowed him as he shook his head, already giving up the small argument. She half-smiled at him, standing up a little. "I'm getting a drink. Just a small one, I'll still be focused, no worries. You know I've fought drunk before either way." She told him, turning on her heel.

    "Deliane, that's not a go-"

    "I think you need one too." Deliane interrupted, looking at him over her shoulder. "That way, you won't be so tense and on edge. You won't get injured as easily."

    Without another word, Deliane sauntered over to the bar, Donithil letting out a small sigh this time. He was a better fighter when he was tense and on edge. It kept him focused. Unlike Deliane, he never fought drunk, or even with a little buzz like she had. Whenever they had docked, Deliane would try and stay sober, but it didn't last when men bought her so many drinks. Then when some of the crew would get into brawls, Deliane was right beside them, Donithil just trying to get them away from the scene.

    Donithil sat there by himself, he eyed the crowd, noticing the fight had ended and another combatant had entered, this time an elf. He watched cautiously, thinking the man's technique was brutal. He just seemed like he wanted the fight to end, not much enjoyment for the on-lookers.

    As Donithil took in his surroundings, and taking note of the new elf that had spoken just near him, Deliane landed herself a seat at the bar, the area busy and filled with drunks yelling over the new fight that was going on. The elf flicked her hood down, running her hands through her blonde waves of hair and she crossed her legs. A man beside her took notice as she turned towards him slightly, her wrists over one another on the bar counter.

    "Well, if my eyes are deceiving me, please let them continue!" The man said, leaning towards Deliane. She pretended to be surprised by his comment, batting her eyelashes. By the look of him, he had coin to spare and more. She picked the right seat.

    "Your eyes aren't deceiving you, sir." Deliane stated, smiling a little at him. "A fine man such as yourself shouldn't be sitting all alone, don't you think?"

    He grinned drunkenly, scooting as close as his bar stool would let him. "Why you're quite right, young lady!" He added, placing a palm under his chin, a drink in his other hand. "Mind if I have your pretty name?"

    "I'll trade you my name for a drink. Sounds about equal to me." She told him, smirking. He nodded, lifting his head up and reaching for some coin in his pocket.

    "Right, I'm so sorry, miss! Where... where did my manners go?" He replied, placing two gold coins on the counter. The bartender nodded, raising a brow at Deliane. "Two bourbon. No ice." Deliane informed him, the bartender getting it right away. When they had arrived, the man smiled goofily at Deliane, hand back to his chin.

    "So what's your name?" He asked, tilting his head in appreciation, his eyes drifting to anywhere he pleased.

    "Veronica. Oh, oh my, what's going on in the arena?!" Deliane marveled, pointing behind the man. As he turned around to look at the arena, the elf had just blinded the crocolisk, and Deliane was already leaving the bar, her hood back to hiding a majority of her hair and some of her face, both drinks in her hand.

    She noticed the Panderan, and smiled cheekily at her, the drunk man she was with now observing she had vanished. He would be too drunk to find her anyway, so Deliane had no worries. "Here, have a drink." Deliane remarked, offering the whiskey to the woman. "My brother wouldn't drink it anyway."
    Moloch looked up from the ongoing fight as the sergeant returned with a slightly larger purse than had been in his hand when he left. "So, how did the betting go? I trust that we won a decent sum?" Before the Shadow Corps veteran had the chance to respond, a roar emanated from the floor of the arena as the Night Elf fired an arrow into the massive crocolisk's eye. Moloch glanced back down at the combat between Alabron and Rocky, then sighed and shook his head as he turned back to the sergeant. "Poor show, that. So?"

    "A bet of twenty was placed, and we received twenty-six back: Longshadow was favored even before the fight began, and I was not able to reach the betting tables before Ashok was about to win." The Sergeant wore an unreadable expression as he handed the purse back to his charge: if he disapproved of the gambling, there was no indication.

    "A gain of six will buy drinks for the men: I'll go get them. You stay here and watch the fight: enjoy what little fun there is to be had in this fight." Moloch delivered the line with an easy grin as he accepted the purse and set his wineglass down. One hand held the purse while the other held down his flowing black cape, ensuring that the article of clothing would not catch on any inconvenient edges.

    "Sir, I must lodge a protest: this does not seem to be the best course of-" The sergeant was cut off by the wave of a gloved hand.

    "I will be fine, Sergeant. I highly doubt that House Aelarei would still bother actively sending their best assassins after me. I'll be back before the next fight starts, and one drink will not impair the men at all. Think of it as a morale boost."

    "Sir." With that, the noble set off towards the nearest bar and, after moving his rapier out of the way, slid onto a stool beneath the shaded awning, making sure that he still had a good angle to watch the fight from. Moloch sighted a serving girl and waved the lithe elf down. As she bent down to hear the noble's order over the noise of the crowd, von Zinzer specified that nine cups of mead were to be sent to certain specific men spread throughout the crowd in various points around the stadium. Four large gold coins changed hands, and less than a minute later the drinks were on their way.

    Moloch turned back around and leaned against the bar, facing the arena center. The noble shook his head and leaned towards a blonde Blood Elf that had just offered a whiskey to a female Pandaren.

    "My brother wouldn't drink it anyway." he overheard as he leaned in.

    "I have to say, this Stargaze chap has nowhere near the sense of the theatrical that Longshadow did." he remarked with a grimace: where his lips peeled back, oddly pointed teeth could be seen underneath. "What he's doing to the crocolisk barely even qualifies as sport! Bloody poor showing, really. So I can assume that you are another fighter?"
    Azurara trudged down the road of Stranglethorn vale towards the arena. That is where the invitation had told her to go. “How much farther is this place?” She groaned as she regretted not renting a horse when she had the chance. She looked at the note again. “It’s written in her hand writing but is it real?” She asked herself as the impressive view of the arena came into view. She approached one of the bouncers and held out the invitation to him.

    Of course this man was a night elf who looked her up and down and laughed. “Look as much as I like seeing someone lose a fight, such a good looking girl like yourself shouldn’t join something that will get you killed. Come back when you’re old enough for your markings.” He said with a laugh before waving her away.

    “NO! I came here to join the Brawlers guild; I have an invitation so let me in!” She demanded. Her normally timid confidence was gone. In here was a clue to finding her aunt and she wasn't about to let some man stop her.

    The man sighed before finally saying. “Fine, just don’t say I didn't warn you when you get yourself killed.” Sign up with the goblin over there.” He said before handing her the invitation. She snatched it from his hand and walked into the arena. There seemed to be a fight between a giant crocolisk and a night elf male.

    She found the goblin that had been pointed out and said “Hello, I am Azurara and I would like to sign up to fight. I have an invitation.” She said as she held out the invitation towards the green creature.
    Ashok Longshadow

    Ashok looked up from his corner spot at the bar and smiled slightly at the worgen who spoke to him. "You would be correct, however if you still value your ties to the Alliance you might think better of speaking with me. A wanted fugitive is never someone to hang around with. If you do insist however what brings you to the Brawler's Kalisia?" Ashok's manner was calm, his voice a little rough from years of smoking cigars and pipes, but friendly.

    He heard his named mentioned and looked up and zeroed in on a small group of three at the bar talking, his name had just been mentioned by what appeared to be a gentleman of Stormwind. Raising his voice so that the other man could hear, "Not all like to play games with their enemies. Besides what makes you think it was theatrics? Twas the quickest way to deal with the Gnoll, albeit it did look rather flashy." Ashok said, a large predatory smile grew on his face as he pulled a short cigar that looked like it had been smoked before out of a pouch at his belt and started to work lighting it.

    "Besides the pretty little elfie is just trying to avoid getting eaten alive I think." Ashok said, the comment drawing laughter from several other patrons in the bar area.
    "Here, have a drink. My brother wouldn't drink it anyway."

    Xian Li was rather surprised when the Blood Elf offered her the drink, but she smiled "Thank you, I don't think I'll be getting much for my coin anyway." bowing her head slightly in thanks and accepting the drink. She quickly downed the glass savoring the burn as the alcohol slide down her throat "Not the strongest, but should help the nerves, thank you again." she said smiling again.

    "I have to say, this Stargaze chap has nowhere near the sense of the theatrical that Longshadow did. What he's doing to the crocolisk barely even qualifies as sport! Bloody poor showing, really. So I can assume that you are another fighter?"

    Xian Li looked turned to see a well dress human attempting to make conversation with either her or the Blood Elf, however before she could reply an other human at the bar spoke up.

    "Not all like to play games with their enemies. Besides what makes you think it was theatrics? Twas the quickest way to deal with the Gnoll, albeit it did look rather flashy. Besides the pretty little elfie is just trying to avoid getting eaten alive I think."

    Xian Li assumed this man speaking was the Longshadow fellow the well dressed man was talking about, she decided to keep quiet for the time being, something about this well dressed man was unsettling, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.
    Allaynna Kidrain

    The death knight loitered by the list, and frowned. She wanted to fight rather badly, but sighed, wondering what else she could find to amuse herself in the mean time.

    The tiered seating surrounded her, filled with cheering, and she sighed again, heavily, and wandered over to lean against the bar, dragging her copper hair out of her face and up with a tough leather tie.

    Plunking a small stack of silver coins on the bar, she tapped the bartop briskly to get the barkeep's attention, "Ale. Now, if you please."

    The words themselves were polite, and she had a small smile on her face, but her eyes were a shade colder than cool, and fiercely annoyed. As she recieved her drink, the death knight eyed the man who had just fought the Gnoll. She tried to catch his eye and offer him a small nod, not enough to really draw attention to herself, but the meaning was clear. The acknowledgment from one fighter to another.

    Swirling the amber ale in her mug, the death knight leaned on the barstool, and turned her gaze towards the sand below the tiered seating, watching the crocolisk more than the fighter, and finding herself wondering how long it'd take for the man to get bitten.

    Ripping her attention back towards the present, the death knight eyed the motley collection that had accumulated at the bar. For a brief instant, she considered engaging them in conversation, and then thought better of it.

    No one likes the death knights.

    With a small, bitter laugh, Allaynna hauled her plated figure upright and meandered the few feet to lean on the railing, staring down over the crowds towards the pit distractedly.

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